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We’re finishing out our summer with a quick stay with my family at The Farmhouse.


Isn’t it beautiful?! The Jones side of the family has rented this restored 1800′s farmhouse for the past three years and it’s been such a perfect place for our families to be together.

(UPDATE: here is a link for details on The Farmhouse)

Being here reminds me of how much I love the look of a farmhouse. Just clicking through my pinterest boards confirms it. Here are a few of my favorties:



I’m particularly drawn to a classic white farmhouse with metal roof.

But a wood barn is also charming.




Black trimmed windows are an added bonus and give a farmhouse a more modern feel (which I’m particularly drawn to).



But what we love most about The Farmhouse and what is so appealing about these images is the open space, the views and greenery and endless sky.


When I think of a farmhouse, it feels like a deep breath, fresh and bright and simple.


You can see all of these pretty farmhouses and more on my pinterest board called Home Sweet Home. If your curious about what style I like best, just hop on there and it will become quite obvious (think white, natural wood, stone, lots of windows and pretty lighting.) See all my pinterest boards here.

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rwanda one month later

One month ago today, I was on my way to the beautiful country of Rwanda.


I miss it so much.

Since returning I’ve been asked many times, “how was your trip?” “what did you learn?” “how has it changed you?” “what was the best part?”.  I don’t know how to answer any of them except just to say I miss it.

I could tell a thousand stories of things we saw, history we learned, resilient people we met, worship we heard, tears we cried, meals we enjoyed, friendships we made, and yet none of it feels like enough.

Rwanda changed me, for sure, but not necessarily in the ways I would have expected. The best I can do to explain it is just to say that the world for me became smaller. I feel so deeply connected to the Rwandans we spent time with. They are moms with the same love for their children, the same dreams and desires and worries. Their tears and joys are the same as mine and it feels beautiful to hear their stories and enter into them.

A reader who commented on my twirling in Africa post said it best:

I feel like we know these things for a reason and that God knew that when His people from here come in contact with His people from there, for a little while the heart of the kingdom beats softly in unison“.

It makes me cry every time I read that.

Oh, I just loved it. All of it. We cried so much and heard such hard stories to take in. But we also laughed harder than I’ve ever laughed before and ate amazing food and felt encouraged with stories of healing and progress and hope.

I created this artprint for our StyleForJustice trip and would love to offer it to you as well.


Gary Haugen is the founder of an incredible organization called International Justice Mission and I can’t say enough about how valuable their work is. You can learn much more about IJM here.

To download the print, log in or sign up for our library of freebies.

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q & a day

q&a For the next day or so, let’s have a Q & A. Feel free to ask me any question in the comments and I’ll respond back as a reply to your comment.

Let’s imagine we’re sitting together over a cup of something delicious watching our rambunctious children and having a real life conversation (except without the inevitable interruptions from said children). No topic is off limits and I’m a fairly open and honest girl … so … ask away!

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