class is now in session

I wish I was talking about my kids being in class, but no. They don’t go back to school until next week. It’s been a FANTASTIC summer and I’ve been holding on to it for as long as I can, but the weather is changing around here and the kids are getting antsy and this mama is ready for some routine back in her life.

What I am talking about, though, is the online graphic design class!

graphic design class registration is open / jones design company

The wait is over … you can now sign up and learn all about Adobe Illustrator and how to create graphics using the program (I think you’ll love it!).

simplified graphic design: illustrator for beginners / and online class from jones design company

This online class was created for the beginning graphic designer who wants to learn to use Adobe Illustrator. If you’ve never opened the program, this class is for you. If you’ve played around with it a little, it’s also for you! In the 12 video lessons, we get familiar with the workspace, tools, panels, common functions, tricks and commands and then jump in to designing using text, creating shapes and using clipping masks. By the end of the online class, you’ll be able to move comfortably around Illustrator and create confidently. LEARN MORE HERE >>


While I didn’t manage to do much work this summer, I did spend some verrrry late nights creating a follow-up class for all of you who have already taken the beginning class. And, hooray!, it opens today!

Simplified Graphic Design: Projects + Techniques / and online class from jones design company

In this second Simplified Graphic Design class (called Projects + Techniques), I walk you through all the ways I use Illustrator on a regular basis.


(just a sample of the things we will create in class)

From creating logos, to setting up custom color palettes, drawing and illustrating (even if you don’t have a ton of skills), creating a layered design board and much more. There are so many great projects + techniques (get it?!) that you can use to bring your design ideas to life. LEARN MORE HERE >>


  • Both classes take place online
  • Each consists of 12 HD videos + resources + printable keyboard shortcuts
  • You’ll have instant access and can begin right away
  • Work at your own pace
  • There is no start or end date (which means you have unlimited access!)

If you’d like to join both classes, save $20 when you purchase the bundle.


Bloggers will love these courses for creating original graphics for their online spaces. Business owners will love it for branding and creating products. Teachers will love it for making their classrooms and worksheets prettier. Most of all, you’ll love the spark of creativity you’ll find when you learn how to effectively use Adobe Illustrator.

I can’t wait to see you in class!



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Boys in the Boat - a great read if you like history , sports, Seattle and an engaging story / jones design company

a book recommendation for you

This summer, my newest obsession has been listening to audio books. I listened first to this one, then this, this and this (even though I had already read it and seen the move. It was so fantastic even for a second time and maybe even better to listen to than to read or watch). While […]

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Getting back to schedules and routines and organization

Are you looking for a new way to stay organized this fall? Now that the summer is winding down, vacations have been taken and routines are on their way back, right now is the perfect time to set new habits to make your life easier. Paper Works is our super helpful monthly club with stylish […]

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free hand-drawn back to school clipart / jones design company

Fun freebie: Back to school clip art

Well, it’s back to school season. We still have two weeks before our kids head back, but it seems like facebook and instagram are filled each day with smiling kiddos in new shoes wearing too-big backpacks starting off their new school year. In honor of our kids and teachers and schedules returning and quiet houses (ahhh), […]

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How to wear your shirt with a half tuck / jones design company

Doing the half-tuck (how to wear your shirt)

My friend Julie and I have a joke: every time she texts me with a question, the answer appears on the blog a few days later. So either she asks questions that I’m totally thinking about at the same time OR her question spurs on a blog post topic (hint: it’s probably the latter). A few days ago she […]

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inspired by emeralds / jones design company

Inspired by Emeralds

You all know I’m a forever-and-always neutral girl. But mixed in, I usually have a certain color I’m drawn to at the moment. Sometimes it’s blue (usually it’s blue), sometimes mustardy-yellow, once it was orangey/peach. Right now, I’m feeling emerald green.   This deep, pure, bright-ish-but-not-too-bright green feels so fresh and early fall and compliments my […]

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Four years ago: blogs are like …

Sometimes I look back at the post archives on the blog and think it’s fun to see what was going on one year, two years, even four years ago to the date. When I came across this post from August 15, 2011, it felt like a good one to bring back for today. We’re all pretty aware […]

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DIY bulletin board / jones design company

DIY Bulletin Board

Slowly but surely, Audrey’s room is coming along. The gallery wall really stepped things up a notch and it got me motivated to add some cuteness to the other walls. When you have one side of the room filled with art, it makes knowing what to do with the other walls a little tricky. Add more […]

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Exploring Mt Rainier / jones design company

a day trip to mt rainier

Ryan and I took the boys on a day trip to Mount Rainier this weekend. You know how it is when you live somewhere and take certain places for granted and skip out on doing the ‘touristy’ things because you aren’t a tourist? This was one of those things. But Ryan has summitted the mountain twice […]

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coffee chat No. 42

I made up that number. I’m not sure why. If you’re new around here, sometimes I like to do what I call COFFEE CHATS. This is where I just spew all the little stuff out at once – kinda like if we were real life friends sitting around over a cup of coffee and hitting […]

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How to curl your hair with a curling wand (how-to video) / jones design company

How to curl your hair with a curling wand

I’ve recently added a new tool to my beauty regimen and like it so much I made you a video for how to use it. This is becoming like a mini series – first I did a video about how to curl your hair to get loose waves, then came a video about my 5 […]

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My daily bible reading routine

I haven’t been great at opening my bible these past few years. I’ll just put that out there from the start. The reasons are legit – my kids wake earlier than I do, I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day, I’m not part of a formal bible study so I don’t know […]

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How To Create A Gallery Wall

Audrey’s room has been in it’s incomplete state for well over a year. This seems to be a theme in my life – this starting and not finishing projects around the house – and I’m determined to wrap a few up.  I’ve been collecting art for her room and knew a gallery wall was in order. […]

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50% off all art prints / jones design company

4TH Annual SUMMER Sale – save 50% on all art prints

How about celebrating Summer with a sale? It’s time for our 4th annual 50% off summer sale! Four the next three days, you can get all art prints in the shop for HALF OFF. It’s the perfect time to grab that print you’ve been eyeing, do some early Christmas shopping or put a few away for last minute […]

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fun freebie / fruit note cards

While cleaning off some files in my computer, I came across these fruit note cards. I designed them months ago – probably more like a year ago – and they sat there in a hidden file, forgotten. Poor cute little fruit note cards. So yesterday I finished them up, formatted the pdf file and today they […]

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