Coffee Chat (non-video edition)

Hey friend. Do you have a quick second for a short but sweet coffee chat?

Let’s just say that if we were meeting up face to face at some cute coffee shop, I would look exceptionally frazzled, would tear up at the silliest of things and would be wearing my hair in a messy side bun for the fourth day in a row.  And I would order the biggest almond croissant possible.

We leave on our road trip tomorrow morning.

How did that come so quickly?!

We’re ready. Ish. I mean, we’ve prepared as much as possible and now it is just time to hop in the car and get on with it. It’s been a weirdly emotional, stressful, non-stop week and I can’t wait to take a car-nap on our first leg down the Oregon coast.

So just a few things to talk about today …

The black + white striped towels are back in stock!

black and white striped dish towels

We were not planning on ordering anymore before we left, but they sold out so quickly (again!) so we decided to grab another big batch to make available. My sister, Hillary, does all of our shipping and she will get these out as soon as possible!


Three things I can’t wait to share with you:

1. Our new-to-us trailer. It’s small and wonderful. I meant to take photos yesterday, but the day got away from me. Sometime very soon we’ll snap photos and tell you all about what we chose for our trip and why.

Here’s a little sneak peek: insidetrailer

2. The capsule wardrobes we’re taking. Each of us have about 30 items each (which still sounds like a lot, but it’s really not) and I’m super excited to see what it’s like to live with much fewer clothing options.

3. A reorganized JDC homepage. We just have a few more css tweaks and then it will launch. It feels more organized and an easier way for you to navigate to where you’d like to go. Coming very soon (I hope).

Three things I’m currently loving:

1. The PopCast podcast with Jamie B. Golden and Knox McCoy. First of all, they are hilarious and so witty. Second, it’s like US Weekly in podcast form, only better. Listen here.

2. All things Beautycounter. A reader-friend sent me a gigantic assortment of lotions/facewash/lipbalm and I love it all. Especially this lip balm. And this face lotion. My son has terrible eczema and this lotion doesn’t make him cry. That’s a big win.

3. Past Survivor seasons on Amazon Prime. I’m a long-time forever fan of Survivor and I’ve turned my kids into avid watchers, too. Last week when my kids were home sick, they breezed through the entire Season 20 (heros vs. villians. So good). Even though I’ve already watched most of the seasons, I can’t help but get sucked in a second time.

Starting tomorrow, my regular posting schedule will be thrown out the window. I’m still hoping to get posts up a few times per week, but it will just depend on where we are and how the internet connection is. So, the best place to follow along with our travels is over on INSTAGRAM


That’s all I’ve got for you today, but I’d love to hear from you … what are you currently loving?

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