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This week has been full of Christmas Vacation Quotes.


Because “that there’s an RV.” (I dare you to watch the clip and not laugh) and it now sits in front of our house.

We’ve been dreaming for a while about traveling around the country with the kids, maybe doing some sort of book or blog tour or local events (still in the dreaming stages!) and this is our first step towards making those dreams come true. Ryan looked long and hard for the right vehicle (trailer? airstream? bus?) and we finally landed on this monstrous motor home, which we affectionately call The Freeloader.

types of rv

We ultimately decided on a Class C Motor Home for a couple of reasons, but mainly because driving for long periods of time with four kids sounds more doable/enjoyable when they have room to sit and the ability to stretch out. Once we made that decision, we had to narrow down the options to find the right one for us.

Here’s what I discovered while searching for an RV:

1. fitting a family of 6 in most standard motor home layouts is tricky
2. slide-outs make a big difference.
3. the fabric/cabinet/wall choices leave a lot to be desired. Seeing past the curtains is essential.

In doing our research, we found a layout called a Bunk House with four bunks in the back (where a queen size bed would usually be). They are not common and fortunately there was one at a dealership a few hours from us. We did that annoying dealership-price-haggle dance for a few weeks until we finally came to an agreement earlier this week and brought it home. The kids and their friends are officially in love.

Now that the Freeloader belongs to us, we are excited about making some changes (mostly cosmetic) that will hopefully take it from standard 2008 RV to something a bit more modern.

Want to take a peek inside?


Ryan and I will hop up on that top bed or use the pull-out couch to sleep. A couch replacement is an option and we’ll most likely remove the extra chair and put in cabinets for shoes and media storage.


These photos were taken without the slide out, so there’s actually almost double the walkway when it is open. The kitchen is tiny, but usable and I appreciate the almost full-size fridge.


In the back there is a bathroom on the left and shower on the right and then the four bunks. Each kiddo will have their own space with reading lights and I’ll add some book/kindle storage as well. I love that they will be able to go to bed and Ryan and I can still hang out without bothering them.


So there she is – our newest project. We haven’t figure out exactly what we’d like to do with it, but here is my short list:

1. remove curtains and cornice boards. ASAP.
2. paint all cabinets (white, maybe? Or gray on the bottom, white up top? Not sure yet)
3. reupholster banquet
4. replace sleeper sofa
5. install wood/vinyl floors
6. paint walls white

We’re total newbies at this RV thing. This weekend is our first time taking a trip in it and it will be good to at least give it a try (follow along on instagram!). Figuring out where everything should go – what is necessary, what is not, how to best organize – these are areas we need some help!

Are you an RV’er? Do you have any tips for us? Any good design suggestions? We’d love to hear!

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ice ice baby

There were only a few things I truly missed while in Rwanda and one of them was ICE.


It’s one of those quirky things about me – I am addicted to good ice. Soft enough to break, just the right amount of crunch, not too solid or too melty. Who knew you could be so particular about ice.

My love of ice started at a young age, but came to it’s peak when I was pregnant. While my friends craved hamburgers or steak or sour patch kids, I would go through the Starbucks drive thru just to order a cup of ice. It was like dessert. Some call that an indication of iron-deficiency (which I also had), but there was nothing so satisfying as a cup of frozen water.


My compulsion to eat ice has settled down, but I do still love a good ice cube. Give me a glass of water with a slice of cucumber, a sprig of mint and a bunch of ice and I’m a happy girl. (Well, that or a gin + tonic with extra lime and lots of ice. I’ll take that, too.)


Ryan and I are not great gift-givers, but he has bought me two completely un-romatic, yet perfect-for-me gifts in the past few years. One was this milk frother that makes the most delicious lattes, and the other was this portable ice maker.


Since our fridge does not have a built-in ice-maker, we keep this portable version on the pantry floor. It makes great ice, the kids love to snack on it, and I find I drink way more water with ice so accessible. Win all around.

And now you know a very random fact about me: I love ice. Off to go make myself a glass of ice water …

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SUMMER SALE! 50% off all art prints

It’s time for our annual BIG art print sale!


Take 50% off all art prints in the shop from now until Thursday JULY 31.

Finally get that print you’ve been eying, do some early Christmas shopping or stock a few for last minute gifts (great for hostess gifts!).

Choose from any of our top-sellers …


or one of the newest designs …

new-designs baloon-print   benediction



Each print comes professionally printed and are available in three sizes (5×7, 8×10 or 11×14). Show your walls some love with easy art work or surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift. Now is the chance to stock up!


* 10% of all proceeds during the summer sale will be donated to support the good work International Justice Mission is doing around the world.

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