useful + pretty right to your mailbox

this-week-collection copy

Each month, Paper Works comes to your mailbox (either the one outside your house or the one on your computer) and it’s like a special surprise gift full of all sorts of useful + pretty paper goods.


I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that this new collection for March is some of the loveliest designs yet.

Included in the bundle are calendars + daily planners:




meal-planning + shopping lists:

feed-items copy


and sweet little note cards to inspire real-handwritten-note-sending:


That art print up top also comes with the set as well as these four scripture memory cards:



For a complete list and all the details for how you can get paper works in your mailbox (you will love it!)


And just because I love this set so much, I’m giving away a printed bundle to one lucky-duck lady!


Click the image to enter!


Click here to give yourself a gift each month by signing up for Paper Works today!

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when you don’t know what your thing is

It’s a message I keep getting over and over and over: Be who you were created to be. Stop comparing yourself to others. Walk confidently in the gifts God has given you. Shine your light. Twirl. At If:gathering a few weeks ago (it was so, so amazing. Truly one of the best weekends of friendship, […]

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a special day at the american girl doll store

Audrey turned 5 last week. Every parent throughout history has asked the same question when their baby turns a year older: how did that go so fast? And you can add me into that group. She is our baby and the fact that she just turned five only reiterates the fact that she’s no longer […]

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we mounted an ipad in the kitchen (and love it)

I posted this photo on instagram late last week: I have a new dinner solution that I can’t wait to share with you! – but that’s not what got most attention in the photo. Instead, there were lots of questions about the ipad mounted in the background. I have to admit that this was 100% […]

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diy pom pom garland (two ways)

I made these pom pom garlands around Christmas and wasn’t going to do a how-to because I thought they were just for christmas season. And then I couldn’t bear to take them down with all of the other holiday decorations, so I just casually draped them on the kitchen chalkboard. And you know what? I […]

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answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had

I don’t know why I titled this post like that. It just sounded fun. There are a handful of questions I get frequently and I thought I’d jot down all the answers here. Perhaps you’ve wondered about one of these things and now you’ll know the details. Here you go … Where is the living […]

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painting the interior of the front door (do it!)

One of the first diy improvements we did to our home when we moved in was painting the front door. Both sides. It’s a little unconventional, but it gives architectural detail, a pop of color and dimension to a feature that could otherwise just blend in. We actually loved the results so much, we painted […]

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audrey’s 5th birthday invitations

My baby is turning 5. What?! She’s just the best. She brings a girly flair to our family with her constant songs and dancing, she makes us all laugh and maaaybe has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Possibly her mommy and brothers, too. The kids and I talk about our favorites all the time […]

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instagram highlights

I’m in Austin this weekend for If:gathering – super excited to see friends and laugh and be so encouraged and challenged. If you’re here, come say hi! For a behind-the-scene look at our time here, come on over to Instagram (@jonesdesigncompany). Speaking of instagram, here are some favorite most recent images and happenings: a visit […]

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how to organize your iphone screen (and make it look pretty)

My phone is basically an extension of my arm. I carry it with me everywhere and while I’m not so good at answering phone calls, I do love it for everything else: texting, checking the weather, setting an alarm, taking photos, reading email, posting to instagram, checking out at starbucks … you get the idea. […]

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free set of valentine note cards + envelopes

With valentine’s day just around the corner, it seemed the perfect time to share a few freebie love note designs. Watercolor doodles were scanned and formatted into sweet little note cards with matching diy envelopes. Keep reading for the how-to and to download the files! To make the envelopes, here’s what you’ll need: templates printed […]

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the care and keeping of you (and me)

I got my haircut last night. My previous haircut was seven months ago. They suggest getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. You could say I was a bit behind. Last week I had a colonoscopy. It was so pleasant. That is a total lie. None of it was pleasant. Except maybe the glorious sleeping […]

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10 ways to celebrate the BIG game this weekend

My Seattle Seahawks are playing in the Superbowl this weekend. Two years in a row! It’s so unbelievable and well-deserved and this city has never been so electric and excited for our team. I’ve been a Seahawk fan for all of my life and can’t wait for Sunday’s game. Call me crazy, but I can’t […]

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for my fellow pact-breakers (or anyone who needs a little help with everyday organization)

So you made a pact with yourself that you’d be more organized in 2015. You’d send hand-written notes. Or you’d stick to a menu or buy only what’s on your shopping list.  You’d remember birthdays or keep everyone’s activities on one central calendar. All are such good pacts … unfortunately they are just so hard […]

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lovely prints now available (and a discount)

The Month of Love is right around the corner what better way to celebrate than with our lovely prints and a sale! Use them to decorate this Valentine season or to give to a special someone as a love-day gift (gently nudge your husbands, ladies!). (ampersand) (love never fails) (love one another) (i still do) […]

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