celebrating summertime

So, my friends, we’re almost six months into 2015. Didn’t that go fast?!!

Summer has officially begun for many around the country and even though our kids here in the Pacific Northwest don’t get out of school until mid-June, there is just an excitement in the air. The popsicle man keeps making his rounds in our neighborhood, we’re transitioning from shoes and socks to flip flops and the temperatures are rising (only slightly here, but just enough to feel like summer is on it’s way).

The new June Paper Works collection is a happy celebration of the season change.

paper works june collection

Paper Works is our super cute and helpful monthly membership where you receive everything you’ll need (and more!) to keep you and your family organized throughout the month. It takes the mundane stuff – like writing out a meal plan or assigning chores – and makes it a bit more enjoyable because each piece is fun to look at and simple to use.

paper works june collection dinner menu

You may not need or use every item included – I know I don’t – but I think that’s what makes it so great. You can pick and choose and decide what you need to keep yourself organized in a way that works for you. There’s no perfect one-size-fits-all organizational solution, but I do my best to offer a solution that works for our family and it just might work for yours as well.

paper works june collection menu and lists

If you find yourself jotting down lists on wrinkled napkins, if you can’t quite keep up with events and schedules, if you just need some prompts to help you manage daily duties, and if you like the feel of paper over digital apps – Paper Works is totally for you.

paper works june collection note cards

Here’s how Paper Works works: every month you receive a new collection of items with a new, original design. Same templates, different look. This change up keeps you motivated and is pretty to look at!

Included in each month’s designs are:

month calendar*
weekly calendar*
daily planner
dinner menu*
weekly menu*
grocery & shopping lists*
dailies chart*
chore charts*
original art print
note cards
wallpapers for desktop, iphone, ipad
surprise extras

* editable (which means you can open in adobe reader, type in details, then print. Especially useful for recurring events or if you don’t like your handwriting)

One extra included in the June Collection are these darling straw flags.

paper works june collection paper straws

Just cut out and stick together with a gluestick (put the kids on this one!) for cheerful decorated straws to pop into summertime drinks.

paper works jun collection straw flags

There are two options for Paper Works and you can choose what works best for you:

paper works digital // you have access to all pdf files and can print as many as you need. Reg. $9.99 ON SALE for $7.99

paper works printed // receive a professionally printed package of your monthly goods with access to all pdf files. This is so good if you want to have everything at your fingertips ready for instant use. Reg. $29.99 ON SALE for $25.99

paper works summer sale

Once you become a member, simply log in to your account and the next collection will be available to download on the 25th of the month. As long as you are an active member, you keep access to all previous months and can come back any time to reprint the art prints or note cards or whatever you love.

For all of the details and many more images, click here.

join paper works today

Hooray for summertime!

(Sale ends June 5th. Discount available for June only for all new members!)

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