a makeup routine for the everyday

A Makeup Routine for the everyday / jones design company

There are certain things I’m a bit high-maintenance about (my sleep, being on time, how the dishwasher is loaded) and my beauty routine is not one of them. I go months without scheduling a hair cut, use drug store moisturizer and pop in for a pedicure far too infrequently.


Don’t get me wrong … I care about my appearance. I’m as vain as the next girl.  But perhaps you can relate to the fact that life and schedules and jobs and kids just doesn’t allow for a high-maintenance mama. So I’m all about quick and minimal and something I can easily achieve everyday.

Let me share with you my super simple makeup routine.



foundation palette | brush | blending sponge

Just recently I purchased this set from my favorite beauty blogger, Cara. It’s a one stop shop for you face and highlights and contours to give dimension. I prefer light foundation with sheer coverage and while this is a little heavier than my typical tinted moisturizer, I do like how it feels on and the way it makes my skin look.

Cara shows exactly how to use it here. And this video is just so darling you might cry (or maybe it’s just this softie over here). If you try it, splurge on the brush and sponge – it makes it so much easier.



lash curler | mascara | eye liner | flat brush | neutral shadoweye shadow | shadow brush

This is my routine: Apply the tightline liner underneath the root of the upper lash line by wiggling the brush between individual lashes (here’s a video that explains it). This makes your eyes look bigger and lashes thicker (yes, and yes). Next, curl lashes and apply a few coats of mascara (I love how thick voluminous is and have been using it since 9th grade). Run a swipe of bone eyeshadow over lid. Add darker color to crease line. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I might add a coat of mascara to my bottom lashes.

(You may remember that I have worn lash extensions for the past few years. Well, that season is over. At least for now. There is no real reason other than that I don’t want to spend the time or money on my lashes now that summer is over and mascara is less of a pain. I miss them, honestly, and will probably go back at some point because it is just so nice to not have to think about eye makeup. And also, my daughter asked me what was wrong with my eyes when she saw me without makeup on the other day. That felt great.)



brow powder duo | angled brush

My brows are thin-ish and light-ish so filling them in always makes my face look more finished. There’s a fine line between natural-looking filled-in brows and un-natural-looking filled-in brows and I’ve found that powder and an angled brush is the key.  My girl Cara taught me everything I know about brows (watch this video here for tips on shaping and filling in).

Beware: you may be sucked into watching makeup videos because they are so mesmerizing. And then you may go do makeovers on yourself. No shame. 



lipstick | gloss

For lips, I generally swipe on some lip balm and call it good. But if I’m going out and about and want to feel a little more made up, I’ll add nude lipstick (this one is called Truffle Tease – ooh la la!) and gloss over that. And sometimes I just wear the gloss. I do like a glossy lip.

And that, my beautiful friends, is my everyday makeup routine. Quick, neutral and mostly low-maintenance.

Please tell … do you have a favorite makeup product? One you just can’t go about your day without? Let’s talk  …

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