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what I wore

Autumn is in full effect up here in the Pacific Northwest – and oh how I am loving every {rainy, windy then randomly sunny} minute of it.  I’m just such a fall girl : which is actually kind of funny because I’ve also been known to fall/trip a lot. Did you know that about me? I used to be a ballerina and my parents would joke that I was as graceful as could be on the ballet floor, but anywhere else, I was just one clumsy little girl.

Anyway :

Before we get to my week’s outfits, let me just say that you all {ya’ll, if you will} are a helpful bunch and tipped me off to some great flat boots.

I’m thinking these ones will be the winners


{Steve Madden Intyce – $129 on Piperlime}

but I also like these ones:


{Arturo Chiang Kirk – $129 on Piperlime}

and I wish Target was still selling these ones {$35!} but they are from last year.


Hopefully you’ll be seeing me soon in a cute new pair.

Now on to my outfits

IMG_7053 IMG_7033

1. sweater: H & M, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, scarf: Gap, shoes: Nordstrom

2. sweater: Banana, shirt: Gap, jeans: Seven flare – I really should have put a necklace on with this one – it would have looked much better and perhaps a bit less frumpy.


3. sweatshirt: Banana, jeans: Banana, shoes: Target {when I say Banana, please know that I am also referring to the Banana Republic factory store. The real stores have great fancier items, the factory store carries more casual things like this sweatshirt and they always have a 40% sale which makes me happy.  I like both stores and would probably buy more at the real one if I had a job where I had to wear pretty clothes – but alas, I work from home and sometimes jeans and a sweatshirt is as dressed up as I need or want to be.}

4. shirt: Old Navy, sweater: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, shoes: Payless


5. Ugh. as in Ugly. Oh well. Sweatshirt: Nordstrom Rack, shirt: Target, jeans: Seven Dojo. I’m on the phone with my BF who is going to have a baby any day. We were probably talking about how frustrating it is when you have consistent contractions all evening and then you go to bed and wake up in the morning still 39 weeks pregnant.

6. A big stray for me, but I gave it a try. Tunic: Old Navy, sweater: Old Navy, belt: K.C.’s {the about to pop BF who is not currently in a state where she can wear such a belt}, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: Nordstrom Rack.

And because I aim to make you giggle, look at what I wore to a costume party this week:


I was some sort of fluffy-pink-creepy-fairy-sparkly-butterfly-early-90’s-prom-dress-girl. What an outfit.  And just to share with you the amazing mask Ryan picked out for me , I took a close up.


Oh my. I seriously can’t believe I left the house wearing that. The things you do in the name of dressing up for Halloween parties :

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big girl shoes

Meet Matilda.


The world’s cutest {almost} two year old. She is a spunky little thing who is such a girl. One of my favorite things about her is her love of shoes.

Her birthday is in just a few days and I have found the perfect gift for her

{Rae : stop reading if you don’t want to see what  we’re giving your baby}

birdies big girl shoes

Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes is a darling story book with GORGEOUS illustrated by the talented Sujean Rim. It is right up there on my list of most delightful {and pretty} children’s books.  And just the right thing for a little girl with a shoe obsession.


Such a cute illustration. I sort of want to frame it and put it in Audrey’s room.


When Ryan saw this picture he said the mom reminded him of me. I’m totally flattered because that mommy has some sexy legs!

So I bought the book and was inspired to make a little something extra for the birthday girl.


How about a tutorial?


Here is what you’ll need:

:: t-shirt {I bought this one from Target – Audrey has it too and I love it}

:: fabric {for the shoe and for the flower}

:: image {or a book with an image you want to copy}

:: scissors, pins, needle & thread

:: sewing machine

:: tulle & beads {optional, for the flower}

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a tuft of hair

As Audrey’s hair grows in, I’ve noticed that she has this one spot on top where her hair
curls up in a little swoop.


The other day it was particularly out-of-control and I remembered seeing something similar
in a baby photo of me

em 2[3]

{don’t laugh}

Put side-by-side, I can’t help but smile at the hair similarities {but mirror image}
between mommy & baby.

mom   baby

Who knew hair tufts were inheritable?!

{good thing she didn’t get my double chin}

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share your project {book page wreaths}

Of all the projects I’ve done, I’m pretty sure the book page wreath is my favorite.

Old book pages + ruffly texture is pure prettiness.




Nonna took the idea and ran with it {as she so effortlessly does} and created a few new styles of book page wreaths.







All of these fabulous ideas got me thinking :

wouldn’t it be fun to see what other creative ladies have made from the tutorials I’ve posted?

So I’m starting a new feature called

share your project[4]

We’ll start with book page wreaths. If you have made one that you’d like to share, please link up.


1. link directly to your post {not just your blog}

2. add the ‘share your project’ link button to your post {copy & paste}

I can’t wait to see what you’ve made

{please only share your book page wreath today … I’ll do ‘share your project’ posts on the other projects in the weeks to come}

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getting to know you {7}

getting to know you



My answer: amazing dancer {ballet to be exact, although I wouldn’t complain if I could just do the moonwalk. And if I could dance like the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance – I’d be in heaven.}

Now its your turn : are you a the singing type or the dancing type? And if you are awesome at one or the other, don’t be shy about letting us know! Its fun to appreciate each others talents :

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what I wore

It’s what I wore today? Really? That was fast.

IMG_6433 IMG_6435

1. shirt: Old Navy, necklace: hmmm : maybe Target?, jeans: Seven {flare}, shoes: Nordstrom

2. sweater: Gap, scarf: Target, jeans: Banana Republic {wide leg}, shoes: Nordstrom

IMG_6901 IMG_6908

3. jacket: Banana Republic, shirt: Target, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity {ingrid}

4. sweater: Old Navy, tank: Target, jeans: Seven {flare}, shoes: Nine West

I tried to follow these fun directions on how to do messy hair and mine just turned out looking like Heidi braids. Oh well, I tried.

IMG_6993 IMG_6995

5. shirt: Martin + Osa, jeans: Seven {dojo}. How is that for the world’s most boring outfit?

6. dress: Banana, boots: Target, necklace: Kukui nut beads from Hawaii. Can you tell I had somewhere to go on this day? Just bible study, but it gives me a reason to wear something fun. I like wearing dresses. I’ve been limited by the fact that breastfeeding while wearing a dress is not so practical {unless you don’t mind hiking up the whole dress}. But that phase of life is coming to an end {tear} so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. I’ve been looking for good flat boots to wear with skirts and dresses like Kasey wears and have come up short.  Actually, I’m sure Anthropologie has some fabulous ones, but I’m holding out for fabulous and inexpensive {at least not nearly a month’s worth of groceries – I’m far too hard on my shoes to pay that much – and I’m pretty sure my family prefers to eat over seeing me in cute boots}. Anyway, dresses are fun.


And don’t forget to click over to Finding Fabulous for the tutorial on how to make a


Have a great weekend!

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sweater pillow {tutorial}

I love a good project and when it is low cost, it is even better.

Today I’ll show you how I made a cozy, classic and simple pillow using a thrift store sweater. I call it the


Here is what you’ll need:


:: a sweater

:: down pillow form

:: scissors, tape measure, pins

:: sewing machine

:: needle & thread

STEP ONE: cut the arms off the sweater


I found this Eddie Bauer turtleneck cable knit at Goodwill for $5.99. It was in great shape {barely worn} and I love that it is part angora. If you have an old sweater in your closet, this would be a great way to reuse it.


STEP TWO: cut out the front and back of the pillow


measure the insert to determine the size of the pillow adding 1/2 inch to each side for seam allowance {my pillow form was 16 inches, so I cut the sweater to 17 inches}


measure and cut {I cut both front and back at one time being sure to keep the two pieces lined up}.


You will have two identical pieces.


STEP THREE: pin right sides together



STEP FIVE: stitch around the perimeter of the pillow


Using a regular stitch, be sure to leave an opening at the bottom of the pillow and back stitch several times to secure.

STEP SIX: trim the edges


cut the corners at a diagonal and trim excess material from the seam allowances

STEP SEVEN: turn right side out



STEP EIGHT: add the insert and hand-stitch close



So cozy!


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sweater pillow {tutorial}

Today I’m guest posting at Finding Fabulous – a blog dedicated to finding fabulous design without spending a bunch of money.

So in honor of the idea of decorating for less & thinking outside the design box, I’ve done a tutorial on turning a {thrifted} cable knit sweater into a cozy pillow.


Click over to Finding Fabulous to see how simple it is.

{p.s. I’m not sure when the post will be up, so check back a little later if it is not yet there}


The tutorial post will be up tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.

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pumpkin cupcakes { y u m }

I love to bake {maybe because I love sweets?} and my kids love to bake with me. It’s a fun {and messy} activity that produces  the best kind of results {edible ones}. We made some Autumn treats yesterday that were super easy and equally tasty that I think you’ll enjoy as well.


The recipe came from Real Simple last year {although this was my first time making them}.  You use a box cake mix, add in pureed pumpkin instead of the water and a dash of pumpkin pie spice for extra fall flavor.


The batter was a pretty lumpy, but came out just fine.



Yum : don’t they look good even without frosting? Ryan thought so {and he might have stolen a few}.

I have recently discovered {thanks to my friend Dee} that piping on frosting is much easier than spreading it and it makes the cupcakes look fancy.


You just need a pastry bag and a piping tip {which you can get at any craft store}.


Start on the outside and swirl around {at least that is how I did it!}.


While I piped on the frosting, this little guy enjoyed the beater and this little girl played with the remote

IMG_6927[4] IMG_6928

{anything to keep them busy!}

Once the cupcakes were frosted


#3 was pretty excited about adding the candy corn




Here is the recipe if you want to give them a try:


{your family & tummy will be happy if you do}

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a winner, the october collection & november giveaway

congratulations to

damask frame

you are the winner for this little pack of goodies:


Please send me a note and I’ll send it out to you!


I’ve put together a collection from the October giveaway for those of you who did not win, but would like a few of the items.

october collection


Included in the collection is:

october close

set of 8 thank you note cards {3.5 x 5} . fabric flower pin . oak leaf print {4 x 6}

It is a fun assortment of autumn beauty … perfect for a gift, or to keep for yourself!

If you’d like to purchase click here

[wp_cart:october collection:price:22.00:end]

{this purchase is secured through paypal}


A new grouping has been selected and I’m happy to present you with the

november give


1. Nonna wreath in green wool 2. turkey plate 3. be thankful print {8 x 10}

4. three sheets of Caskata Peony flat wrap 5. set of 8 note cards 6. faux oak sprig

If you’d like a chance {or two} to win, please click the giveaway button below!

monthly giveaway 5

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getting to know you {6}

getting to know you

I can hardly believe that this is our sixth week of doing this : my how time flies.  Do you like the questions? Are you enjoying reading the answers? I totally am. It is fun to get to know each other.

This week’s question is:


You can elaborate if you wish, or just give one word.  I’m looking forward to hearing where you are at!

My word is  . G R A T E F U L .

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what I wore

We have had the most amazing weather in Seattle this week. My absolutely favorite time of the year is when the leaves are turning, the sky is clear blue and I can wear a sweater. It’s been lovely.

So here I am this week – dressed every day in jeans and some shade of gray.

IMG_6241 IMG_6395

1. sweater: Marshalls, t-shirt: Marshalls, scarf: Target, Jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Marshalls

{Okay, weird. I think I only own three things from Marshalls and I have them all on in this photo. Not that I don’t like Marshalls – you can get some amazing deals. I just am not a very good Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Nordstrom Rack shopper so I don’t go in much}.

2. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic boot cut, shoes: Target

IMG_6304 IMG_6415

3. sweater: Nordstrom, jeans: Joes Jeans, shoes: Payless

4. Ahhh, what a sweet baby girl. Okay, focus.

shirt: Banana Republic, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nordstrom

 IMG_6421 IMG_6428-1

5. dress: Target {purchased mine from my very fashionable friend who was selling it in her garage sale – does that mean it is no longer fashionable? Oh well.}, cardigan: Martin + Osa, belt: 8th grade {note: I’m not actually certain about the 8th grade thing. It could have been early high school. Yes, it still fits which I’m grateful for, but the fact that I own a belt from 1993 with a huge silver buckle, am not a cowgirl and wear it anyway tells you just how fashion-forward I am. Or how cheap – have you seen the prices of belts lately?!!}. Jeans: Seven Flare, boots: Nordstrom

6. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nine West, scarf: Nordstrom


And just a reminder that the OCTOBER GIVEAWAY will be announced on Monday. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you do so now!



{click on the button for details}

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flower pin {tutorial}

This project comes straight from the ever-creative Nonna. She made a flower pin for Audrey {seen below} and it was so cute, I asked her to show me her tricks.


And the wonderful Nonna obliged.

So here is the tutorial for the

flower pin

Here’s what you’ll need:


:: fabric {I used wool, but any fabric will work}

:: scissors

:: pen

:: pin {sorry, it didn’t make it into the photo}

:: hot glue gun & glue

:: pattern {get yours at the end of the post}

STEP ONE: trace the pattern onto fabric.


IMG_6106[5]  IMG_6107

You’ll need six to  seven petals and one circle.

STEP TWO: cut out pieces


No need to cut them perfectly, but try to cut inside of the line so that the ink doesn’t show {or use one of those fancy disappearing ink pens}


STEP THREE: fold a petal in half


STEP FOUR: and then in half again


STEP FIVE: snip off the point



STEP SIX: glue to circle


{just pretend that my nail polish is not the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. My mom suggested I get a manicure before I take photos of my hands – clearly I did not listen to her advice prior to this one. Sorry mom.}

continuing on :


STEP SEVEN: continue with three more petals


you’ll have this:


STEP EIGHT: quarter & snip petal, then add to the center


add two or three to the center, depending on desired fullness.


STEP NINE: add pin


using a dot of hot glue, attach to back of circle.


Pin to your favorite sweater, attach to a headband, stitch onto a pillow or embellish a lampshade.


So many possibilities with this one.

I just freehanded my pattern and you are welcome to copy, paste & print. Enlarge or decrease the size to change the look of the flower.


Happy flower making!

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ballard designs

Typically Ballard Designs is a bit French Country for me, but as I was flipping through their latest catalog, I was pleasantly surprised at how they have expanded their style to include more cottage/industrial/classic/neutral pieces into their collection.

Like these mirrors, for instance.  Both would be so pretty in a powder room.

image image

And these light fixtures are the perfect blend of industrial & cottage.

image image

image image

Pretty mirror & shelf designed by Suzanne Kasler.


I think this coat rack would be so cool in an entry or as a fixture in a shop. Can’t you just see little girl’s dresses hanging from it?

image image

This vintage bottle rack-inspired christmas tree could make an interesting display piece. And I’m always a fan of chunky baskets.


I love my black & white striped rug from IKEA {shown below}


but I’ve heard they are hard to come by lately : a good alternative could be this one from Ballard – plus it is an outdoor rug so you could just hose it off when it gets dirty.  Genius.


See? Good stuff over at Ballard Designs. Click here to do some more browsing :

{images are links to their product information – click on the photo to learn more}

one more thing: I am not an affiliate with Ballard Designs … I just like some of their products

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guest post: Armommy + labels

I did a tutorial a few weeks ago {or maybe it was last week?!} about burp cloths. I forgot to talk about my little fabric labels.


My {very} good friend Rae is the inspiration for these, so I thought I’d ask her to do a guest post showing how she creates darling and useful fabric labels for her company,






I’m rae, and I am pretty elated to be writing for Emily today. While it makes me an itty bit nervous to think of all her blogger friends out there, I’ve spent more then a reasonable amount of time reading your lovely comments so {lucky for me} I already feel like I know you: thank you for having me!

today’s agenda is:


before we get into a supply list I would like to point out that in the world of creative arts it’s a big deal to have a “label” {clothing or music}. isn’t it amazing that our resources are so vast that we can create our own!? for those of you that are doubting your creativity {or need for a label} I would like you to know that I can relate. I grew up an athlete, that never received an “A” in art {pottery, photography, drawing} and believed I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I was ok with that until I started creating babies {the living kind} and my desire to create things in general began to nag at me; which ignited a continuous journey and led me countless projects whose outcomes are sometimes good and sometimes bad and ugly: still. my advice? in the words of the grateful dead, “keep on truckin’”. look for your niche and you will be surprised where your journey leads you, what you are able to create and who you are able to bless. I also found great encouragement when someone told me that my Creator has created me to create. that’s a pretty sweet truth! own it.

now, time to get started.


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