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valentines for your valentines


Do you have a valentine?


Or a friend who is extra sweet?


Do your kids want to send something special to their best buddies?


Introducing a collection of printable valentines perfect for your valentines.


These valentines are printable files – simply download the pdf, print on your favorite card stock and trim along the dotted lines {provided in the file}.

If you don’t have a printer at home or the office, any print shop {kinkos, office depot, etc.} can print the files for you. Each design is 3.5 x 5 and formatted with four cards per page. The file is yours to keep and you are welcome to print as many as you like.

You will need Adobe reader in order to view the full pdf,
which you can download for free {HERE}.


Select your favorite design and purchase by using the ‘buy now’ button under each card.

big heart

big heart | $2.95


i love you

i love you | $2.95



ampersand | $2.95



loopy | $2.95



brackets | $2.95


scallop dots

scallop dots | $2.95



plaid | $2.95



cherry | $2.95



umbrella | $2.95


Do you * l o v e * more than one? Purchase them all for $7.95


How sweet.

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what I wore {end of january}

If you are new around here, this is what I call ‘what I wore’. It is, quite obviously, photos of me wearing what I wore. It really wasn’t my idea : Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy got me started when she showed just how darling she looked every day. It seemed like a good way to motivate myself to wear more interesting outfits and actually put on real clothes!  I go in waves; sometimes diligent about taking photos, and other times feeling rather bored of seeing myself {and my slightly uninteresting clothes} plastered all over the blog.

But I have decided to start it up again for a time. I do this post on fridays and you are welcome to see past outfits {here}


1. I wear jeans nearly every single day. I really like Seven For All Mankind, but I’m beginning to expand into other brands.

2. I wear a lot of clothes from Banana Republic. But let me be upfront and say that most of the Banana items I own are from the Factory store.  I love the real Banana and if I were working outside of my house, wasn’t spending my days with sticky-fingered children and could afford it {!} I would dress in their fancy clothes. The Factory store is a bit more casual and their clothes fit my lifestyle a bit better.  If not Banana, my clothes are probably from Target, Old Navy or Nordstrom {regular and The Rack}.

3. Every time I get dressed and add an extra accessory I feel like such a dork. But I am trying to expand my fashion sense and go with it.  Try not to laugh at me.

4. Finally, while I don’t particularly love this feature, I do this for two reasons: 1. it stretches and encourages me to put together a more interesting outfit than I would normally choose. 2. I think fashion for moms is hard. We’re not really going anywhere {unless you count Target as ‘going out’} so heels aren’t necessary and we are spending time doing chores or crafts and a silk blouse doesn’t really stand up well to peanut butter or glitter glue. So we resort to comfy clothes and look {and feel} frumpy all day long. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when p.j.s or yoga pants are the best outfit choice. But when that becomes my everyday, I start to feel less attractive and become much less productive. Weird how that works. So, I guess you could say this is my encouragement to all the moms who want to look cute, but can’t quite fit a pencil skirt into their daily lives.  I hope that I can give some ideas for how to dress casually and still somewhat stylish {how strange it feels to claim that I am a stylish dresser – I would never put fashion as one of my strong suits}.

Okay, here it goes:

IMG_7869  IMG_9090

1. button up: banana, t-shirt: target, jeans: seven, shoes: nine west

2. sweater: target, shirt: old navy, jeans: banana {nice scowl}


shirt: marshalls, jeans: seven dojo, shoes: nordstrom

IMG_9096 IMG_9097

I like these shoes. They feel like slippers. And I wanted to show you the gorgeous paint job that #2 {5} gave me.

IMG_9117  IMG_9120

4. shirt: gap, long sleeve: target, skirt: old navy, boots: dsw. This is one of those outfits that was a real stretch for me. I do like my new boots though. It only took four pairs and months of searching to find ones that fit right.

IMG_9121  IMG_9172

How cute is this tutu skirt? It was a gift from Audrey’s auntie from baby gap.

5. shirt: Martin + Osa {which is now out of business}, jeans: banana, shoes: payless, headband: me {tutorial coming soon}.


6. sweater: Target, shirt: Nordstrom Rack, belt: Target, jeans: Hudson, shoes: nordstrom

There you have it.

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february giveaway

If you like pink, red and February 14th, you’ll *love* this month’s giveaway collection.

feb give

feb collage

Included this time around is:

1. A grain sack inspired Rug Pillow {tutorial will come}

2. A set of 12 valentines with envelopes {printable collection of valentines coming soon}

3. A generous sample of red & white bakers twine

4. An 8 x 10 ‘Love Never Fails’ art print {newly available in the shop}

5. Set of 12 ‘love’ stickers + 12 glassine bags

The Giveaway winner will be selected on Februay 7th {which should give the winner plenty of time to package up some goodies and deliver valentines to their sweeties}.


monthly giveaway button 2

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