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and the award goes to …

Did you watch the Oscars this year? I missed it. And I usually really like awards shows.  But don’t worry, I will catch up on the best dresses in my sister’s cast off US Weekly magazine {oh, the benefits of having a subscriber for a sister}.

As far as I can tell my favorite dress of the night was worn by the cutie Emma Stone.

I probably like her so much because of her red hair and pale skin. We red-headed, pale-skinned girls need to stick together.  And also because she is in my current favorite movie Crazy, Stupid Love.

But the Academy Awards and Emma Stone is not what this post is about.

There is another award program happening over at Apartment Therapy and I’m oh, so flattered to be nominated.

If you have a second, and you think JDC is a good choice for the 2012 best design blog … will you vote for me?

A quick registration at Apartment Therapy is required to vote. You can register here.

Then vote here. Just scroll down until you see Jones Design Company and cast your vote!

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losing hair, choosing joy and giving hope

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of this beautiful lady:

But if not, please let me introduce you.

This is Ashley. She writes a blog at Lil Blue Boo. She is crafty and talented and has a line of whimsical, ruffly clothes for girls.

She’s beautiful and has a beautiful heart as well.

Last fall, after having a miscarriage earlier in the year, Ashley and her husband tried to get pregnant again. This time, her pregnancy resulted in a rare form of cancer called Choriocarcinoma. You can read more about this story here.

This form of cancer spreads quickly, and Ashley’s case has been no different. She is fighting, living joyfully and gracefully in spite of the ways it has challenged her faith and impacted her family.

A few weeks ago, she shaved her head. That beautiful head of long blonde hair.

I know this is a normal step for most cancer-fighters and so many women go through the same process with such strength.

Ashley documented this rite of passage, as she calls it, in this touching video. Seriously, you should watch it.

Rite of Passage – Shaving my Head from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.

I cried through the whole thing. Not because it is particularly sad … but just trying to put myself in her shoes made me emotional. She’s a young woman. A mommy. She’s too young to be going through this.

And her mom shaving her head the day before just to support her daughter? That is the kind of mom I want to be to my kids. What an inspiring story.

I also cried because in an embarrassingly vain way, I can’t imagine shaving my head. I like my hair. It defines me. Who is Emily? She is the girl with the long, red hair. It’s always how I’ve been described. I’m sure the same has been said about Ashley’s pretty hair.  So to think about taking off that comfort blanket – knowing that the whole reason it is falling out is because it means the medicine is working – that just feels so overwhelming to me. And the fact that she is smiling through the whole process speaks volumes to her decision to choose joy.

Ashley is a brave woman. As are so many others who have endured the same event in their fight with cancer. I am in awe of her bravery, strength and grace.

As we all know, the medical expenses for treating this disease are crazy. So a group of ladies joined forces and created the Team Ashley Auction.

Reason 4,072 why I love this blogging community.  People taking care of people.

There are over 200 items available for purchase and ALL of the proceeds will go directly to Ashley and her family to help cover medical bills.  The auction is live and will end tomorrow {wednesday}.  If you are not the auction type, you are welcome to donate directly on the auction website or at Evy’s Tree blog {and read much more about Ashley’s story}.

In order to bid, you need a hyena cart account {super easy – just enter an email and password and you’re set}. You can do so here.

Once that is finished, you can start shopping {and supporting!}.

{click the image to go to the auction}

It is a wonderful thing that we are able to use this technology to support those in need – even if we’ve never met. I am honored to get to be part of this.

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a touch of yellow

Each season, a certain color seems to be just the right fit. Right now, that color is yellow. At least for me. Yellow shoes. Yellow rainboots. A new yellow wallet {this one, but in yellow}.

And lots of pops of the cheerful color around the house.

flower napkin ring propped on an old bible on the coffee table

new pillow using this gorgeous fabric

the original nonna wreath hanging on my favorite book-page covered wall

you are my sunshine print {part of the JDC | Monthly march collection}

yellow books

a rolled paper flower bouquet and striped hand towel add some sunshine to the front bathroom

potted flowers from my mom

pom pom ribbon = cute.

my favorite flower pillow {from the dwell line at target last year}

old school house chair – the perfectly beat up shade of golden yellow.

mini modern pearl necklace in mustard. A staple in my wardrobe these days. {P.S. these necklaces are handmade by the adorable Jessica of Allora Handmade and they sell out really quickly. If you sign up to be on her email list, you’ll be the first to know when her shop is restocked and you can grab one while its available}

Lots of yellow … in little doses. That’s how I do color.

How about you? Are you noticing any particular color preferences in your home or wardrobe lately? Do tell …

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