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coffee chat no. 18

Every once in a while I just have all these random things to say and nowhere to fit them in, so they get all smushed together in a post series I like to call coffee chats.


Pretend we’re sitting across from each other (or standing on a soccer field) sipping our drinks (decaf, tall, extra hot, one pump mocha for me, please) and enjoying a few moments to just catch up and talk about all the things floating around in our minds.

Here are a few things I might chat about:

First, I would share about my excitement that tonight is the start of the next season of Survivor. What season are we on?! I don’t even know. But I still love it.


My kids are currently into cooking shows. I fully support it because I like cooking shows, too. The one they mostly like is Rachael vs. Guy: kid cook-off. To watch these 10, 11 and 12 year olds make fancier food than I could ever hope to cook is so inspiring and entertaining and great motivation for my kids. My oldest son is especially enamored.


Speaking of which … he and I were watching an episode of the Pioneer Woman and she made these fabulous chocolate-covered s’mores. With nutella and peanut butter. I know. She had us at nutella. We decided right then and there that we would make them for No.2′s birthday party that weekend.


His party was pushed back a week (long story) and so we made them this past weekend and they were We followed the recipe, but used mini marshmallows and toasted them under the broiler instead of roasting regular-sized ones. It worked out well, but next time I’ll add even more for extra gooey centers. By the way, they make really good on-the-way-to-pick-up-the-kids snacks, too.


I’m generally a year or two behind on fashion trends, so just now I’m thinking about getting a pair of booties. The problem is, I don’t know how to wear them. Thankfully, stylish ladies like this cutie show us how to style them.


(The fact that this article was posted a year ago just proves the point that I’m behind the times on fashion trends.) Do you like booties? Are they worth trying? How do you like to wear them? Do tell …


On the opposite end of the shoe spectrum are these cute tennies I just bought. They are super comfy and sporty which is not necessarily a normal look for me, but I’m trying.


I posted this photo on instagram with caption pretending to be a hipster mom. The conversation after was fun.


My friend Lindsay just came out with her new fall line. It’s gorgeous, as usual. I especially love these gold foil index cards.



Also gold and shiny is this week’s giveway (have you entered?! You can do it here). We haven’t figured out the best way/place to announce previous winners (winners are emailed privately, but I know it’s fun to see who the winners are), so I’ll just do it here:

Week One: Tracy Kaufman

Week Two: Beverly Maynor

I have only won one giveway in my whole life and it was magical. Even though it was only a piece of jewelry, it made me feel super special. Giveaways are fun.


Last thing then I’ll wrap this up.

This summer a group of us traveled with Noonday and International Justice Mission to Rwanda. Half of our time was spent with the artisans who create products for noonday, the other half was spent with IJM and their in-country staff. I knew nothing of IJM before going, and came home a full-fledged supporter. They are doing hard and good and honorable work offering hope to people through tackling issues of injustice.

In Rwanda, IJM works exclusively on cases of child sexual abuse. Their clients are almost always women or girls who are poor and without IJM would have no way to stand up to their perpetrators. Not only does IJM provide legal representation, but also offers family therapy, medical resources, and community education. I wish I were more eloquent with my words to portray how important this organization is (you can read this post by Jen Hatmaker, who has a way with words), but my friends, please hear my heart: if you are looking for an organization to support, this is it.

When we asked the staff in the Rwandan IJM office what they most need, their answer was first, prayer and second, money. They have amazingly talented and generous lawyers, investigators and social workers in place and making huge strides in freeing slaves, ending sex-trafficking, transforming justice systems world-wide. In order to keep their progress going and to expand their reach, they need our financial support.

You can become a freedom partner for $24 per month and be part of what IJM is doing. AND, during the month of September, all donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar for an entire year.

IJM FP 350x350

You can learn much more about International Justice Mission and the Freedom Partner program here. Please do take a second to click through. I just adore the men and women I met who work at headquarters in DC (hi Ed and Melissa & Jan!) and can’t stop thinking about Baraka and Norbert (among others) from Rwanda. Gosh, I miss it there.


Alright, friends. That was random, yes? Fashion, food, gold foil and freedom partners. That about sums up my brain right about now. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Anything you want to chat about?

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break the rules: six white pieces to wear this fall

This is the outfit I wore yesterday:


It’s still warm outside (in the low 70′s) and so I’m still dressing summery-ish with short sleeves and cropped jeans and flats. The white shirt I put on (a cute hand-me-down from my sister – originally from jcrew) got me thinking about how it was supposed to be the final day of wearing white until spring.  You know the old rule: no white after Labor Day. So I did a few seconds of research and discovered that it was a fashion tradition stemmed from class divisions in the early 1900′s (here’s a quick article from time magazine).

Turns out, rules are meant to be broken (especially silly ones like this) and while white linen and gauzy silk may not be the best choices for cooler weather, wearing white during the fall and winter is not only okay, it’s also very stylish.

I hung out on pinterest for a little bit (okay, way too long) and found a handful of Autumn outfits that all include white.


Do you ever look at outfit ideas on pinterest? It’s super inspiring and these particular outfits make me excited for cooler weather. I want to wear each and every one.

You can see all of my favorite outfits on my clothes pinboard here

So in the spirit of breaking the ‘no white after labor day rule’, I’ve shopped around online and found six of my favorite white pieces to take us into fall.


1. J.Crew Quilted Vest // great layering piece with a tshirt or button up under. I love the gold zipper and snaps on this one.

2. Noonday Monaco Necklace // cow bone + brass = yes, please. I bought this for myself at my first noonday party and it is beautiful in person.

3. J.Crew Endless Shirt // this longer version of a classic white shirt is another great layering piece. Wear over leggings or skinny jeans, add a sweater or scarf or maybe a belt? Is that still cute? I don’t know.

4. Boden Grace Sweater // love the neckline and 3/4 sleeves and the chunky knit. It’s more expensive than what I normally pay, but maybe since it is such a classic piece, it’s worth the investment.

5. J.Crew Factory Midrise Skinny Cords // a more fallish alternative to white jeans (although I think you can do white denim too).

6. H&M Cable-knit Sweater // cable-knit is always good, plus this is a slouchy longer-in-the-back cut that makes it interesting.

Good options, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts … are you a rule follower or breaker when it comes to wearing white after labor day?

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what she wears (dressing Audrey)

Since the day she was born, I have loved dressing my girl. I like classic styles, easy and comfortable with a little bit of color and pattern thrown in for fun. It’s how I dress myself and what I gravitate to when shopping for Audrey.

My baby is now four, and sometimes she has an opinion on what she’d like to wear, but mostly not. I know. It won’t last long. So for now, I’m running with it.


Her closet currently consists of lots of basics – tees, skirts, jeans, shorts and dresses – in mix and match colors/patterns. Stripes are a recurring theme (go figure) and I really like blue on her.


Here are a few things I consider while choosing clothes for my daughter:

1. She’s four. I like her to look like a little girl and tend towards classic styles. I’d love to dress her in sweet European designs with peter pan collars and cable knit sweaters (and sometimes I try), but her personality is bright and spunky and so dressing her in fun colors and prints makes sense.

2. We have a few splurge pieces in her wardrobe, but most are inexpensive, washable, and not too precious (see favorite sources below).

3. I’m learning to let her wear her special things on ordinary days. How many party dresses and fancy shoes has she worn once and then outgrown before having another special occasion to wear them to? Too many. So she might show up in her christmas dress to the park, but at least she’s wearing it.

4. As much as I appreciate a cutely dressed child, I don’t want it to be about the clothes. Clothes are fun and darling and make a girl feel pretty, but I really don’t want her to care too much about what she’s wearing. I haven’t totally figured out how to instill this – teaching her to care about how she presents herself, but not put too much emphasis on valuing appearances – a challenge for women of all ages.

5. Sometimes when she’s feeling particularly creative with her outfit (like the time she insisted on wearing a swimsuit over her jeans in the rain – see photo above), I can’t help but go with it. It’s sort of endearing to see a child in a too-small halloween costume in July or with mismatched socks and layered tutus.

I shop for most of Audrey’s clothes at these three stores: gap, target and old navy. I’ll fill in with pieces from j.crew factory, mini boden, and I like the tights from lands end. For special dresses and shoes, I adore Joyfolie. Almost all of my shopping (except for Target because I’m there every other day) happens online. The stores I frequent run online-only sales often, so wait a week or two, join their mailing list and you’ll save a bunch.

Here are some of my current favorites from my regular online stores:


Gap is always a go-to for Audrey and the boys. They sometimes have different items in the store than online, but I do okay just sticking with ordering. Audrey wears a 5t, so I can still shop in both toddler and girl sections. Right now everything at Gap is on sale for 30% off with code THANKS. Shop Gap here.


Old Navy is hit and miss for me – sometimes they get a little crazy with their graphics and logos, so I tend to stick with basics or subtle patterns. They run sales all the time and I like getting a good deal. Their current promotion is 20-30% off with code AMPM. Shop Old Navy here.


I am at Target a ridiculous amount of times per week, so I’m always grabbing a shirt here and a sweater there when they are on sale.  Again, I go for basics and items that can be mixed and matched. Shop Target here.


Mini Boden has the cutest, best-made clothes. They are more expensive than I typically go for, but everything I’ve ordered, I’ve loved. Check their site for deals (and the cutest graphics ever). Shop MiniBoden here.


We have a jcrew factory store at our local outlet mall. Cute stuff, less expensive, not as good of quality as crewcuts but classic styles and fun accessories. They run promotions all the time, too, so check in often. Shop JCrew Factory here.

For special dresses and shoes, I just adore the cuteness at Joyfolie.


Everything is on sale TODAY for 40% off (!) with code BIG40. I’m thinking about that sweet triangle dress for Audrey’s christmas dress this year. Shop Joyfolie here.

So there you go … my favorite sources for dressing little ones. And now I want to order it all for my Audrey girl.

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