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what i wore {new year edition}

What I Wore … a fun idea I borrowed from the darling Lindsey.  I’ve done lots of what I wore posts, but it has been a while, so I thought I’d go for it again.

The purpose of WiW is to keep us accountable for getting dressed each day. I know that sounds strange, but if you are a stay-home-mom or work-at-home lady, you understand the problem. Sometimes it is much easier to stay in pj’s all day {see day 4}. But then you end up feeling slumpy and somehow that translates into less productive days.

I am generally pretty good about getting dressed, so this is less for that purpose and more for the purpose of being creative with my outfits. I am a plain-jane dresser. Solids. Cotton. Jeans. That’s about it. But when I know I have to take photos, I try a little harder with accessories.

So here is what I wore this week:

1. green striped sweater {target}, brown blouse {target}, jeans {banana republic}, belt {target}, shoes {nordstrom rack}

2. sweater {nordstrom}, tshirt {target}, jeans {seven for all mankind flare}, flower headband {me}

3. shirt {target}, cardigan {martin + osa}, jeans {seven flare}

4. Oops. It was a jammie day for all. And I should probably clean the mirror.  Not that you want sources, but the sweatshirt is my cheerleading sweatshirt from 1997 {oldie but goodie} and the sweats are from martin + osa – a store that is no longer in business and I’m really bummed about it. Audrey’s cute pjs are from Hanna Andersson.

5. A cold and snowy day in the Pacific Northwest. Jacket {old navy}, sweater {nordstrom}, scarf {nordstrom}, jeans {target}, boots {DSW}. I tried a new braided messy bun I learned on this video tutorial {cutest girl ever}.

A few notes:

Clearly I buy a lot of my clothes from Target. Its one of the few clothing stores in my town.

The only thing new enough to still be available in a store is the green striped sweater. They have a yellow one I want too.

I bought the puffy coat on Black Friday and love it. I don’t see any more of the blue ones, but there are a few more white {click here}.

I am linking with Lindsey.

pleated poppy

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matchy, matchy

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but I find that most days Audrey and I end up wearing matching outfits. Well, maybe not matching but definitely coordinating.  I suppose it makes sense as I am the dresser of both of us as well as the purchaser of clothes and so whatever I am in the mood for, we both end up wearing.

This is not really a what I wore post {I’ll be doing one of those soon}, but I’ve been snapping photos for the past few months when I’ve looked down and realized I am matching my daughter.

IMG_1780 IMG_3008

1. this is us at Alki beach on the lowest tide day of the summer. It was a total bust. But at least we looked nautical in our navy & white.

2. me: gray & white dress from Walmart {who knew?!} and red shoes, Audrey in a cute dress made by my mom.

IMG_3030 IMG_3079

3. I’ve been into yellow lately. I like this shirt {from Old Navy} and love her ruffled cardigan {target} that she has almost outgrown.

4. More blue, white & denim which is a theme in most of our clothes.

IMG_3337 IMG_3781

5. dusty lavender – a new color for me, but I like it. And Audrey has on a sweet little eyelet dress with lavender clip. Seriously, not intentional.

6. This photo makes me laugh  : we look like we are posing for an 1800’s oil painting.  More navy, a little bit of brown and embellished cardigans.


And these are our feet yesterday. Matching animal print shoes.

I never thought I’d be one of those mamas who wore the mother-daughter matching ensembles : but I guess I sort of am.

Does this happen to you?

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if the shoe fits

When I was pregnant with Audrey and in I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-shop-for-girl-things-this-time mode, I came across the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. I mentioned them here and here and wanted to share them once again. They are that amazing.


This company started when Jessica, the founder and creative brilliance behind Joyfolie, made her daughter a pair of hand-sewn shoes {you can read the full story here}.  She designed and produced a handful of shoes, put them up on her website and they would be sold out in minutes.   Because of the high demand the shoes are now being manufactured {now with firm soles} and will be much more readily available {which is great for slow-pokes like me who never could press buy  now fast enough}.

Joyfolie currently has three styles of pretty little shoes available for girls:


Charlotte in tweed


Charlotte in metallic cream


Sabre cuffed bootie

These shoes are beautifully made, original designs and the cutest things ever. AND Jessica has offered a discount to JDC readers.

*** enter JONES at checkout for 30% off shoes ***

Be sure to keep a lookout on this company as they continue to grow : look what are coming sometime this fall/holiday season:


Pirouette heels for women. Love them.  And that outfit the model is wearing.

To see more of Joyfolie, visit the website at WWW.JOYFOLIE.COM.

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girlie tee inspiration

I hang out at Target a lot. Partially because there are not a lot of other shopping options in my town, and partially because I can always find great stuff at a great price.

Yesterday I was chilling at Target {while my No. 1’s prescription was being made – an ear infection in May? Who would have thought} and I walked through the toddler section only to find the best deal ever on some great little tees.


So I grabbed a few with plans to embellish.


{see? great deals}

My thought is to applique something fun on each one {like the applique tutorial I did here}


I’m thinking something whimsical, summery and fun like these from miniboden:

image image image  image image image

Seriously? How darling are those?! I should probably just buy a few, but I think I’ll try my hand at making my own first {especially since they are $30 each – I like my $3 price tag a little better}.

I’ll let you know how they turn out :

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spring wardrobe

See that ad over to the right for EstepWorks Photography? We’re having a family photo shoot with him in the upcoming weeks {our first date was rained out : late winter/early spring is very unpredictable in the NW} and I’ve been trying to come up with coordinated – but not too matchy – outfits for our family of six to wear.

. . .

A few days ago I received an email from Jessica letting me know about a fun contest she is hosting. All you have to do is come up with a design board of your favorite spring outfit and include two pieces from her jewelry line to be entered to win a pretty generous prize.

. . .

So I combined the two thoughts – outfits for our photo shoot and outfit for a spring design board – and came up with one giant collage to suit the entire family.

Here it is:outfits


What do you think?

For the record, I think ‘his’ outfit is a bit prepier than ‘he’ would actually go for {especially with the little pom-pom boutonniere which I happen to adore}. I am loving Kayce Hughes’ shirt dresses and those joyfolie shoes are the sweetest things ever.  I tried to include pieces that our family actually owns so that when photo-day arrives I could achieve a similar style.

So there you have it : my version of our family dressed for spring.

You can enter the Design Your Look contest at www. jesslc.com. It is pretty fun to come up with a dream outfit : or six.

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w.i.w. and tying a scarf

Not the best week of outfits. Sorry about that.

But I did put together a how-to of sorts showing how I wear a scarf. We’ll begin with that because the photos are fun.

. S C A R V E S .

I like them and wear them often. I prefer ones that are large and soft

like this one from target {$12.99}


or this one from nordstrom BP {$18}


and if you are the luxurious type, this cashmere scarf is pretty {$98}


but I still have babies with sticky fingers, so my life + cashmere don’t mix well.  I like my gray scarf {the nordstrom $18 option} so I’ve used it as my example.



IMG_7785 IMG_7786IMG_7787 IMG_7788


IMG_7789 IMG_7790IMG_7791 IMG_7792

. . . . . .

And for the ensembles of the week:

IMG_7706 IMG_7716

1. coat: Banana Republic, shirt: banana, scarf: from my grandma, jeans: Seven A Pocket {for the record, I think I look dorky with my shirt tucked in like that}

2. It’s a cozy day! sweatshirt: old navy, sweats: nordstrom bp – long ago

IMG_7718 IMG_7780

3. sweater: Old Navy, belt: Target, jeans: Seven A Pocket {look mom, Audrey has on her new sweater}

4. shirt: Martin + Osa, jeans: banana wide leg, scarf: nordstrom

Not totally inspiring : I’ll work on that next week.

. . . . . .

Now go enjoy your weekend and maybe tie on a scarf!

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things i like: autumn baby clothes

I came across this shop the other day. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but I had never heard of Zara before.

{To my benefit, they don’t have any actual storefronts in Washington state, so I’m really not that out of touch}.

oh MY goodness.

I think I’d like one of everything for my Audrey.

clothes Are those not the most adorable baby clothes? They look like clothes I want to wear!

Unfortunately for me {and fortunately for my husband} they don’t offer online shopping.  And the closest store is in southern California.

So it doesn’t look like Audrey will be wearing any of these items anytime soon.

But if you have a Zara near you … shop away and think of me when you see that darling ruffle trench coat.


Did you notice the banner at the top of the page? Yep. The Workshop is now in session.  Click here to visit our brand new Be Inspired Workshop page.

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what {i wish} i wore

I’m feeling rather uninspired by my closet. 

I’m not crazy about summer clothes and our summers are typically mild and short-lived, so buying new ones feels like a waste.

I like sweaters. And jeans. And layers. Good thing I live in Seattle, eh?

But it’s been hot here and I’ve pretty much been wearing the same tanks over and over again, so rather than bore you with uninteresting outfits, I thought I’d put together a little post I’ll call

blue linen mask

image  + image



image + image





image + image


image  +image


{click on the images for sources}

You may have noticed a couple of things.

1. Besides from that adorable swimsuit and the striped cardigan, there is no pattern and a real lack of color.

2. If I were a bit more fashionable I would know what shoe to put with each outfit and add in some accessories. I realize that is what often times ‘makes’ an outfit, and yet I very rarely put it into practice {which could have something to do with the fact I have 4 kids and wearing heels or chunky necklaces, while they look great, are not always the most practical}.

What I’m realizing is that I dress much as I decorate. I like my neutral, classic pieces. I wear a lot of blue and gray and those are the colors you see throughout our home. Little feminine details like a button or ruffle or flower make me happy. And I also struggle with the finishing touches {accessorizing, if you will} in my rooms. I can get the bulk done, but the last 10% is a big struggle. Someday I dream of having a real stylist come in and show me how its done.  Both in my dressing and my decorating. A girl can dream, right?!!

How about you? Do you dress like you decorate?

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5 days of favorite projects {day5}


{see end of post}

What a fun week it has been. I have enjoyed putting together these tutorials and have loved even more all of your comments! I am so grateful that I have been able to inspire many of you through these projects.  I’m thinking we should keep them coming :

but for now, we’ll finish off

favorite projects

with a little project for a kiddo in your life {although there is absolutely nothing wrong with making one for yourself}


Here is what you’ll need:


:: t-shirt

:: fusible web {like this}

:: iron

:: image you’d like on the shirt

:: decorative fabric{s}

:: scissors

STEP ONE: select an image for the t-shirt & cut it out


My pear image is clip art printed to the size I wanted it. You could also draw & cut out your own.


STEP TWO: cut fabric slightly larger than your design




STEP THREE: cut fusible web to the size of your fabric


STEP FOUR: adhere fabric to fusible web


Place the wrong side of the fabric to the fusible side {you can see the slight texture}


Using a board {or other hard surface} covered with a cloth and your iron set to wool/silk


press the fabric to the fusible web



STEP FIVE: trace the design


Flip your design over and trace onto the paper backing of the fused fabric/web you just ironed


STEP SIX:  cut out design




STEP SEVEN: iron onto t-shirt


Peel off the paper backing, decide on placement and press to adhere


Continue with each piece



You’re finished!


You’ll be seeing this one on my Audrey-girl in a year or two.


As with all the projects this week, the possibilities are endless.

My sister had me make monogram t-shirts as favors for my niece’s first birthday party.



which my boys wore a lot last summer



I did a more elaborate design for a little friend




And then, of course you could finish it with a small zig-zag stitch {as expertly done by my mom}


Or with a straight stitch


{as not quite so expertly done by me}


So cute, so personal and so simple!


Whew, my week of tutorials is finished. It was fun but time consuming! I’ve never before done so many projects in one week.   I’ll be taking the weekend off to go play in the sun with our family {sort of a last-of-the-summer-hurrah even though it feels like our summer has just started} and will be back Monday.

Happy weekend! Hope it is filled with many PROJECTS!


one more thing:

if you could ask me one thing about what I do or about my company, what would it be?

Comment below or send me an email and I’ll be putting together a post to answer them.

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what i wore july 2010

As promised last week, you’ll be seeing a little more leg this week. The weather has been amazing around here which means skirts, tanks, and sunburns.

IMG_4178 IMG_4012

  IMG_3999 IMG_4149IMG_4003      IMG_4181 IMG_4203IMG_4202  IMG_4262


1. shirt: banana republic, skirt: old navy, shoes: target

2. shirt: old navy, jeans: citizens. Just for the record, I don’t find this outfit the least bit appealing.  One time in college I came out of our apartment wearing an outfit that I thought was cute and my best friend told me I looked a little like I was in 8th grade. That is how I feel about this one. I think I’ll resort to wearing this shirt only for pj’s.

3. skirt: old navy from about 6 years ago, shirt: target, sweater: banana republic, shoes: target

4. shirt: walmart {love this ruffle shirt and wish I bought several}, jeans: banana, shoes: target

And LOOK! I got a pedicure!

5. shirt: gap, shorts: banana republic, shoes: payless

6. shirt: nordstrom, jeans: seven dojo

7. shirt: target, sweater: martin + osa, jeans: seven A pocket, shoes: payless

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what i wore is back

It is the summertime and you’d think I’d be wearing something other than jeans, but not this girl! In my defense, it has been in the 70’s here {perfect summer weather for me!} so I am not completely crazy for wearing long pants.

 IMG_3855 IMG_3858

IMG_3882 IMG_3884

IMG_3886 IMG_3887


1. tunic: old navy . jeans: seven for all mankind . shoes: payless

2. jacket: banana republic . t-shirt: nordstrom rack . jeans: banana republic . shoes: target . flower: me

3. sweatshirt: target . jeans: joe’s jeans . shoes: target

4. cardigan: martin + osa {which I heard is going out of business – boo} . t-shirt: old navy . jeans: banana republic . shoes: target {clearly, I really like these as I wear them almost every day}.

5. This is a good look! And Audrey was very interested in the camera so it turned out a bit fuzzy. I’m sure you don’t want to purchase anything I have on, so no need to tell you that the pj pants are from target and tank from old navy.

6. shirt: old navy . jeans: citizens of humanity . shoes: rainbow.

It is supposed to warm up a bit, so perhaps next week I’ll show off my awesome white legs and knobby turned-in knees.  You won’t want to miss it!

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what I wore may 2010

It is What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.

image I just wanted to let you all know that I am no longer standing on the edge of the bathtub for a full length view of myself. I went out and spent $5.99 on a mirror. Why I have not made this purchase LONG ago, I have no idea. It is a super flimsy mirror and I can’t figure out how to hang it as there are no hangers, but I suppose anything is better than the edge of the tub.

So here are the two outfits I’ve worn since acquiring the mirror.


Quality photo, I know. And do you like the prom dresses thrown on the floor behind me?

shirt: Gap, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: about 7 years old from Nordstrom

Now that I see myself, I think this outfit is a little dorky.


And this is today. Again, quality photo.

sweater: Nordstrom {Point of View – I realized about a year ago that I should no longer shop in the Juniors section and made my way over to the ‘mom’ department where I’ve remained ever since.} jeans: Banana Republic, tank: Old Navy, shoes: Payless

And for good measure, here is the little darling:


Outfit bought by my mom at the consignment store. Headband by me.


Shirt: Happy Hollis Designs, skirt: Target, headband by me.

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Thanks for all of the kind comments about my baby’s outfits and my silly pose on the edge of the tub. You guys are funny.

I had some questions about where my Audrey-girl gets her clothes. She does have some pretty cute ones!

While I’ll be happy to tell you our sources, I will preface it by saying 98% of what she wears are hand-me-downs from my super stylish nieces and baby friends. Therefore, most of these items are no longer in stores. I’ve added a few of my own touches, but for the most part, my little girl is just a mini Caroline, Isabella & Matilda.

IMG_2301 IMG_2148

1. dress: old navy, socks: trumpette mary janes

2. shirt: gymboree, jeans: gap, shoes: gap

IMG_2156 IMG_2200

3. pants: made by my mom, shirt: gap, shoes: gap

4. dress: H&M, shoes: gap

IMG_2280 IMG_2290

5. overalls {with chocolate spilled from my donut – oops!}: gymboree, shirt: gymboree, socks: trumpette

6. cloud dress: target, pants: gap, shoes: made by me

Lots of questions about her sweet headbands too. I make them.

It is not surprising that she doesn’t wear much pink, since it really isn’t my favorite color. But I’m also finding that she looks best in NOT pink – I think she has inherited my coloring. And I also find that I dress her in clothes that I would wear. Simple, classic, layers, plain colors. And finally, I will say that dressing her is VERY fun for me. I’ll try not to put too much emphasis on her looks as I don’t want her to associate her value with her outward beauty, but seriously, dressing a little girl is so much different than dressing my boys.

We are having some amazing weather this week, so we’ll be out enjoying the sun. Hope you all have something special to do with someone special this weekend!

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apron day

I just read that it is National Wear Your Apron Day. What a silly holiday. But sort of fun at the same time.  Aprons are good; they protect your clothes from splatters, but they also can be a pretty cute accessory for the kitchen. Most of all, it makes me feel like a 50’s housewife when I put mine on and for some reason that is sort of comforting.

So in honor of this day, here are a few cute aprons I found:




 image image

{the pleated poppy}


{the land of nod}


{ etsy – modern green}

So here we are, wearing our aprons.  In honor of it, I think we’ll bake some cookies.

IMG_2337 IMG_2055


  Happy National Wear Your Apron Day.

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