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Seven Favorite Wearable Outfits For Fall (with current sources!)

7 Favorite Outfits for Fall (with sources) / jones design company

If I could only dress for one season, I would always and forever choose fall. As much as I love the sun, what I love even more are jeans and layers and boots and sweaters.

Since we can all use a few new outfit ideas, I’ve put together seven of my favorite looks for fall. And BONUS! many items are recent purchases and not crazy-expensive.  Everything that is currently available is linked in the sources. Use this as a great shopping list for basics and layering pieces, or maybe a few outfits will spark some ideas of how you can mix items you already have in your closet.



I’m pretty sure this will be my most worn outfit of the fall. The soft tee is the perfect layering piece (I like that it is longer than a normal tee) and the sweater is the coziest thing ever.  It’s a little more expensive than I would normally go for (I bought it on sale at the Nordstrom Sale) but I’m starting to limit my purchases to classic, quality items I can wear season after season. This cardigan is one of them.

This is my first pair of toms wedges and I like them. Not too high, good color, mostly comfortable. Ryan bought me this fancy new watch for our anniversary. I wear it everyday.


sweater | tee | jeans (similar) | booties | watch | purse (old, from tj maxx)



None of these items are current, just fyi. But sometimes you can take older things from your closet and mix them up/layer them for a good wearable outfit. I’m all about a long tunic-y shirt under a sweater so a little can peek out.  And you better believe I’m excited about bootcut, flare and wideleg jeans making a comeback.


jeans (similar) | shirt (similar) | sweater (similar) | booties | necklace


I work at home. The temptation is to stay in my pj’s all day but I try to put on actual clothes every day. It makes me feel more put together and productive. However, I still want to be comfortable and not overly dressed-up, so stretch skinnies, a soft sweater and slippers is what you’ll often find me wearing. Still super comfy, but with a little more style than the leggings and tee I slept in.


sweater | tank | jeans | slippers



This is another oh, so comfortable ensemble – leggings (thick and therefore non-see-through), a long tunic sweatshirt and the cutest buffalo check vest.

Here’s a view from behind – because I very much value some coverage back there and this sweatshirt does the trick. (Sidenote: did you read Jen Hatmaker’s chapter about leggings-as-pants in her new book? Hilarious.)



vest | sweatshirt (similar) | leggings | boots (similar)



Wide leg jeans. I’m a fan. And also a thin sweater with this mid-weight jacket. At least once per week my hair ends up in a messy side bun (see my how-to video here) and I like that it shows off the popped collar of the jacket.


jacket | sweater | jeans | wedges | necklace



If you buy anything you’ve seen in these outfits, choose this sweatshirt. It’s so cute, fits slim and long, is lightweight and not bulky and did I mention it’s cute? So cute. My sister had it on while we were on vacation together this summer and I immediately knew I needed one, too. They come in a few different stripe combos and a camo version, too.


sweatshirt  | jeans | boots



Do you have the iconic little black dress in your wardrobe? I did not until this cutie arrived. It fits great – not too snug, a good length, comfortable to move around it – and could be worn dressed down (as shown) or up with tights and heels and jewelry. I don’t wear a ton of everyday dresses, but this one might sway me.

dress (sold out, but be sure to add your name to the wait list!) | booties | watch

So there they are, seven of my favorite totally wearable fall outfits. Do you have a favorite?

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Doing the half-tuck (how to wear your shirt)

How to wear your shirt with a half tuck / jones design company

My friend Julie and I have a joke: every time she texts me with a question, the answer appears on the blog a few days later. So either she asks questions that I’m totally thinking about at the same time OR her question spurs on a blog post topic (hint: it’s probably the latter).

A few days ago she texted me with a fashion question:

I have seen you with your shirt tucked a bit in the front, sometimes to the side. When I try it, I just look silly! It’s either too much tuck, too little, maybe to the left or right. Advice?

Of course I answered her over text, but I thought I’d answer here, too. It’s a great question and while there is no ‘right’ way to do it, the half-tuck is a good little trick for wearing oversized shirts in a more polished, flattering way.

The key to a good half-tuck is to make it look effortless and a bit haphazard by only tucking in a small portion of the front. I like to tuck in the side rather than the middle, but that’s up to you. You can wear a belt, or not – again, up to you. By tucking in just a bit of your shirt, it allows your waist line to be seen, keeps loose-fitting tops from hanging on your figure and gives a nonchalant, casual feel.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Merrick from Merrick’s Art did a great photo tutorial showing how to do the half-tuck.


1. Pull your sweater tight and flat at the hem with your hands.
2. Barely tuck it in to the top of your jeans, making sure the fabric is completely flat, and the top only gets tucked about an inch under the waistband.
3. Blouse your top gently to make the top billowy and loose.

Again, you can choose to tuck straight in the middle, or off to the side a bit.

Here’s how the half-tuck looks on her with a longer blouse:


And a tshirt: shirt-half-tuck

(P.S. Merrick has really great legs)

So that, my friends, is the art of the half-tuck. Nothing super difficult or technical about it, just a quick grab-tuck-blouse technique to get that polished yet casual look.

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what I bought at the nordstrom anniversary sale

Every summer when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog came out, my sisters and I would spend hours looking at all the clothes, circling what we hoped for. Then on day-one, my mom and us girls met our aunt, grandma and cousins for a day of chaotic shopping for a few back to school things. Shoes, stretch pants, sweater vests, anything by Esprit (I got a whole cherry ensemble one year that I adored – which included socks, skirt, shirt, jacket and a bandana. #espritoverkill).  ‘Twas a fun tradition.

Since becoming a grown up and moving to the country where the closest Nordstrom is 45 minutes away, and with the very convenient addition of online shopping, I no longer brave the crowds at the Nordstrom Sale. Schlepping my non-shopping kids to a busy mall just doesn’t sound appealing, so instead I took a few minutes this afternoon to browse and buy from the comfort of my couch.

Here’s what I bought:


Roll Sleeve Swiss Dot Cotton Shirt / Space Dye Tunic Sweatshirt / Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee / Zip Detail Pullover Sweater / Toms Desert Wedge Bootie / Open Front Hooded Cardigan

Because I just can’t help it, I stuck with my regular blue/gray/white/brown shoe combo. No surprise there.

Are you a Nordstrom Sale shopper? Find anything great?

P.S. happy weekend!

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eight favorite outfits for summer


Summer fashion means light-weight, fresh, easy and casual. I’m a Pacific Northwest girl and our summer temperatures typically max out around the high 80’s, so I switch between jeans (forever my favorite), shorts (not my fave, but I’m learning to embrace them), basic dresses (always an easy go-to) and a few simple tees + tanks to round things out.

Since we can all use a few new outfit ideas, I’ve put together 8 favorite outfits for summer. The concise color palette of these eight looks was totally unintentional but it just goes to show how much I’m drawn to blues, grays, denim and white! For most of the looks, I just shopped my closet, but I’ve linked to everything that is currently available as well as a few similar items if you’re wanting to re-create any of the looks for you.


8 favorite outfits for summer - white jeans, gray linen tee + wedges / jones design company

White jeans + a boxy tee feels light and airy and summery. This shirt is more expensive than I normally go for, but it is a true staple and totally worth the price.

(PS. I just bought a curling wand and did my hair with it for the first time in this photo. I like!)

8 favorite outfits for summer - white jeans, gray linen tee + wedges / jones design company

white jeans / linen tee / wedges / sunglasses (similar) / watch (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - jersey dress, sandals + bright necklace / jones design company

A simple cotton jersey dress is the perfect throw-on-and-look-somewhat-put-together choice for summer. This basic dress is great for throwing over a swim suit or dressing up with a necklace. Plus, it has pockets and pockets in dresses make me happy.

8 favorite outfits for summer - jersey dress, sandals + bright necklace / jones design company

dress / sandals (similar) / necklace (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - denim shirt, cropped denim jeans, flats + light weight scarf / jones design company

Okay, so for all of you southern/mid-western/east coast dwellers, this outfit probably doesn’t look all that summery. But on this particular day, I was headed to my 9 year old’s end of the year field trip and the sun wasn’t going to make it’s appearance until later in the day. At which I removed the scarf and denim shirt and switched into a tee. On the days when it’s a little on the chilly side, a denim shirt is a great option for layering. And light-weight scarves are great, too. (Especially this one that my mom + dad brought back from Italy. It makes me feel fancy).

8 favorite outfits for summer - denim shirt, cropped denim jeans, flats + light weight scarf / jones design company

denim shirt / jeans (I bought mine at Nordstrom Rack, but don’t see a link) / scarf (similar – and a great cause!) / ballet flats (similar) / sunglasses (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - striped shirt, shorts + wedge sandals / jones design company

This shirt. I wear it all the time. Usually with jeans, but I like it with these chambray shorts, too. It’s super baggy so you have to do a little side tuck to make it less tent-like, but it is soft and light-weight and striped. And the wedges. Totally a stray for me, but I’m kinda in to them. I bought them at Nordstrom Rack and you know how that goes – they are last year’s style and impossible to track down. Sorry. There’s a link below to an ebay shop with a few sizes available.

8 favorite outfits for summer - striped shirt, shorts + wedge sandals / jones design company

striped tee / chambray shorts (similar) / wedges / necklace (similar) / watch (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - eyelet shorts, white shirt + striped flats / jones design company

More shorts. I’m telling you, my pale legs don’t find themselves in shorts very often, but I do like these navy eyelet ones (old, from gap, but there is a cute pair linked below). Pair them with a basic white tee or tank for a more casual look, or a class white button up for a more dressed-up feel.

8 favorite outfits for summer - eyelet shorts, white shirt + striped flats / jones design company

eyelet shorts (similar) / white button-up / striped flats (similar) / sunglasses (similar) / watch (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - dress + jeans  / jones design company

Dress + jeans. Kinda different, but it turns those too-short dresses into tunics and allows me to feel like I’m wearing a dress, but still move around like a mom.

8 favorite outfits for summer - dress + jeans  / jones design company

jeans (similar or these) / dress (similar) / sandals (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - jeans, gray tee, hat + flip flops / jones design company

Let’s be honest. This is my most often throw-on outfit. Jeans, v-neck t-shirt, flip flops. The hat (from the boy’s section at old navy – no longer available, but check the link below for another super cute option) makes a great coverup for extra dirty hair.

8 favorite outfits for summer - jeans, gray tee, hat + flip flops / jones design company

v-neck t-shirt / jeans(similar or these) / flip flops / hat (similar) / sunglasses (similar)



8 favorite outfits for summer - linen pants, tank + flip flops / jones design company

I bought these white linen pants for our beach vacation this spring, but I see myself wearing them a lot this summer. They are thicker than I expected and not see-through.

8 favorite outfits for summer - linen pants, tank + flip flops / jones design company

tank / linen pants /flip flops / sunglasses (similar)




So there are 8 favorite outfits for summer. Do you have a favorite?!

8 Favorite Outfits for Summer (with links for sources!) / jones design company

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closet confessions


Today I’m over at my blog-friend Sheaffer’s place sharing my closet confessions.

She asked fun questions like what’s the most embarrassing thing in your closet? and what are your go-to style staples? 

My closet is way too dark and un-photogenic, so I borrowed this diy clothing rack and brought in a bunch of clothes to photograph in my office. I pulled up the front blinds to let in light, turned on big studio lights (why do we have them? I do not know. But they work great on dark days) and everything not in the shot was a complete disaster of clothes and hangers and pushed out furniture. So I basically played photo shoot for an hour thoroughly enjoyed myself.

You can see the whole post over at Pinterest Told Me To.

P.S. If you don’t read PTMT, you should. Sheaffer is hilarious, has great style and shares shopping deals every day. And if you are a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, you have got to read her weekly recaps. I die of laughter every single time.

Okay, head on over to check out my CLOSET CONFESSIONS!

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what to wear: swim + beachwear

So, we’re headed to the beach. The beautiful, gorgeous hawaiian island sands of Maui. I can’t wait.

We took a trip to Maui three years ago with our group of friends and somehow we’ve all convinced our parents and friends to watch our many small children again so we can get away for round two.

In prepping for this vacation, I’ve been searching high and low for favorites to wear on the beach and in the water. Here are a handful of my top picks. Maybe a few will make their way into your wardrobe for the summer:



1. J.Crew Beach Tunic. Lightweight, darling, covers the bum.

2. Bobbi Brown sunglasses. I have a petite face and her designs are made especially for us small-headed women. I still look a bit like a bug in them, but what can you do.

3. Starbucks Gradient Gold Cup Tumbler . For proper hydration, of course.

4. San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Hat. I like a wide-brim hat to shield my face from the sun and this one works great because it is packable without messing up the shape.

5. Turkish blanket. Thin and perfect for pool or beach. I’ve been wanting to switch out our bath towels to these thin ones, too. Anyone have any recommendations?

6. Reef flip flops. I like a thin, leather flip flop that molds to my feet. Reefs are great.

7. Roxy Oceanside Beach Pants. Light, breezy, great to throw on over a swimsuit. I can’t wait to wear these.

Okay, and now for swimwear. I’ll be honest and say putting on a swimsuit is not my fave. It’s just so much skin! And I’m just so pale! And this poor body has birthed four children and I just like sugar too much. I’ve been working out (using this method and GUESS WHAT?! I just tried yesterday and I reached my goal of 10 real push-ups! That Tracy. She’s the best.) to get myself more beach ready and I’ve shopped around for the best suits to suit my body. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


1. Athleta Pacifica Rash Guard. To throw on over a two-piece while snorkling. Or to just wear because it fits really cute.

2. Anthropologie Ruffled Halter Maillot I actually bought this last year in blue (no longer available) and love how it covers, but still feels fun and flirty.

3. Athleta Shirrendipity Halter Tankini. Have you ever tried Athleta swimwear? It’s super thick and stretchy and holds you in nicely. I highly recommend.

4. Anthropologie Ruched Maillot. Another purchase from last year (in blue with white polka dots – seen in this photo). I actually really like it in black, though, too.

5. Gap hipster bikini bottoms. I bought them in stripes as shown and in solid navy. They are the perfect fit for me.

6. Seafolly Goddess Bandeau top + hipster bottoms. This is my one risky/slightly uncomfortable choice. But I’m going with it. This swimsuit fits nicely and is well made (hence the price) and Ryan likes it, so I’m going with it.

There’s my go-to list of beach + swimwear. Do you have any favorites for summer? Do share!

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12 great holiday skirts

 We’re mid-holiday party season which means us ladies get to figure out what to wear. Festive, but comfortable, pretty and classic. At least that’s what I prefer when choosing party outfits.

This season, I’m all about skirts. I love the look of a full skirt, sleek black turtleneck, opaque tights and statement necklace.


 The best part about this outfit is that a girl can sit, move, dance, and eat without having to constantly adjust and worry about wardrobe malfunctions. So if you’re looking for ideas for what to throw on for a party this season, look no further …

ONE / zara pleated short skirt $69.90
TWO / h&m brocade skirt $29.90
THREE / boden walbrook wool skirt $59.00
FOUR / zara sequined mini skirt $59.90
FIVE / h&m imitation leather skirt $24.95
SIX / h&m jacquard weave skirt $49.95
SEVEN / boden jersey jacquard skirt $70.40
EIGHT / boden flock spot ponte skirt $52.80
NINE / boden ella skirt $138.60
TEN / zara midi skirt $59.90
ELEVEN / jcrew factory sequin mini $47.50
TWELVE / boden olivia skirt $59.00

Just add a black turtleneck (like this merino wool one or a super soft cashmere option), opaque tights (love these), and a statement necklace (like this or this).

What are you wearing to your holiday parties?

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what we’re wearing (family photos 2014)


Tis the season for family photos. If I could, I would have photos taken every couple of months. But, alas, I live in reality and not only could I not afford it, my kids would probably go crazy if I forced them into outfits and made them smile real smiles more than once per year. Just kidding. They love it. Sort of. For a few minutes.

This year, we’re doing a mini session with the super talented Stacy Jacobsen (if you live in the seattle-tacoma area, she’s your girl!) at a local christmas tree farm. These mini sessions are ideal for us because they are quick, affordable and we’ll definitely get at least one great shot for our christmas card. Part of the fun for me is pulling together coordinating, but not too matchy, outfits for the whole family using as much as I can from our closets, and filling in with a few pieces where needed. I want everyone to feel comfortable and like themselves (not an easy task for boys who prefer athletic shorts and WSU sweatshirts over jeans and collared shirt …) but it is also my one chance to dress the whole family. I kinda love it.

Here are some close-ups of our outfits with sources:


shirt / sweater / jeans / shoes


shirt / sweater / jeans / booties / scarf


shirt / vest / jeans / shoes / gloves


shirt / sweatshirt / jeans / scarf / shoes no-3-outfit

sweatshirt / jacket / jeans / shoes


shirt / sweater / skirt / shoes / hat + gloves

Hopefully the photos will turn out cute!

(Last year we wore similar styles – jeans, navy, gray – with a few pops of orange. Paige flew in to seattle for the long weekend and gave us the most beautiful family photos – see a bunch here)

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six favorite looks for fall


Fall is my favorite. For many reasons – changing leaves, football season, apple crisp – but right at the top is fall fashion. Sweaters. Boots. Jeans. Cozy.

I feel best wearing clothes that cover up this pale skin (shorts are not my favorite) and love dressing in layers. I live in the Seattle area where we have cooler weather (it’s been in the high 60’s this week), with likely drizzling rain on one day and crisp clear skies the next.

Since we can all use a few new outfit ideas, I’ve put together six of my favorite looks for fall. And BONUS! most items are recent purchases and not crazy-expensive.  All items that are available are linked to the source Continue Reading →

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coffee chat no. 18

Every once in a while I just have all these random things to say and nowhere to fit them in, so they get all smushed together in a post series I like to call coffee chats.


Pretend we’re sitting across from each other (or standing on a soccer field) sipping our drinks (decaf, tall, extra hot, one pump mocha for me, please) and enjoying a few moments to just catch up and talk about all the things floating around in our minds.

Here are a few things I might chat about: Continue Reading →

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break the rules: six white pieces to wear this fall

This is the outfit I wore yesterday:


It’s still warm outside (in the low 70’s) and so I’m still dressing summery-ish with short sleeves and cropped jeans and flats. The white shirt I put on (a cute hand-me-down from my sister – originally from jcrew) got me thinking about how it was supposed to be the final day of wearing white until spring.  You know the old rule: no white after Labor Day. So I did a few seconds of research and discovered that it was a fashion tradition stemmed from class divisions in the early 1900’s (here’s a quick article from time magazine).

Turns out, rules are meant to be broken (especially silly ones like this) and while white linen and gauzy silk may not be the best choices for cooler weather, wearing white during the fall and winter is not only okay, it’s also very stylish. Continue Reading →

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what she wears (dressing Audrey)

Since the day she was born, I have loved dressing my girl. I like classic styles, easy and comfortable with a little bit of color and pattern thrown in for fun. It’s how I dress myself and what I gravitate to when shopping for Audrey.

My baby is now four, and sometimes she has an opinion on what she’d like to wear, but mostly not. I know. It won’t last long. So for now, I’m running with it.


Continue Reading →

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a go-to cardigan

My favorite way to dress is usually in layers. It helps that I live where it’s not crazy hot in the summer, but this light-weight cardigan works no matter the temperature.


It’s just the right amount of slouchy and refined and I kinda want to wear it everyday. Throw it on with jeans or shorts and a tank and it’s my perfect summer choice.


The cardigan comes in gray (that’s what I have), black, olive and oatmeal. It is available here.

Do you have a go-to piece of clothing? Please share …


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5 minute makeup

I’m channeling my inner 15 year old and talking about make up today. My sisters and friends and I used to do makeovers all the time – playing with thick eyeliner or new lipstick and always adding a mole ala Cindy Crawford.

As much as I loved those makeovers, I never totally got into wearing lots of makeup and still prefer a natural look to a totally made-up face. It’s quite convenient, because I don’t really have the time or energy to give myself a fancy look each day – 5 minutes is about all I have. Thankfully, there are a few beauty secrets that make a quick morning makeup routine possible.


I made a quick video showing you what I do to achieve a 5 minute face:

I hope this inspires you to try a few new products/techniques or just encourages you to add a touch of makeup to your already gorgeous face.

Here are the products I use daily:


cleaning wipes / moisturizer / tinted moisturizer / concealer / loose powder / blush / brush set


tightline shadow / smudge brush / mascara / eye shadow / brush / eyebrow powder / angled brush / lipgloss

To learn more about lash extensions, here is a post all about them.

For more makeup tutorials (like how to fill in brows, and how to highlight and contour), visit my favorite beauty blog: Maskara. You’re days of playing makeover are about to return.

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what I wore this week

There’s a thing in blogland called What I Wore – where you photograph your outfits and share them online. It’s weird. And feels super awkward. I’m not a fashion blogger, don’t wear designer clothes or even know how to pronounce half the brands anyway, but sometimes I like to jump on the WIW bandwagon. Here’s why:

1. It keeps me motivated to put on a real outfit. If I know I’m taking a picture of myself, I’m more likely to put on something I feel good in.

2. I run out of outfit ideas and love seeing outfit/accessory inspiration from other real women.

So I share what I wore not because I think I’m an awesome dresser or have a unique or fabulous sense of style, but rather to encourage regular ladies to put on something you feel pretty in and get creative with what you already have. And also? I don’t wear designer clothes. I am a work-from-home mom who needs cute and easy and wearable and practical and washable and affordable. These are the types of clothes you’ll see me in.

Alright, here we go. What I wore this week.

// D A Y   O N E //


She wanted in on the photo, but clearly was more mesmerized by her tongue than the camera. And how about that bedhead?!

dotted tank: J.Crew Factory (similar) / jeans: Hudson bootcut / wedges: Target / bracelets: Noonday

// D A Y   T W O //


baseball sweater: J.Crew Factory / jeans: seven for all mankind (so old they don’t make them anymore)

// D A Y   T H R E E //


denim shirt: J.Crew / cropped jeans: Express / stripe ballet flats: Target

Note to self: try to smile next time. You look mad. And have the kids come clean up their mess.

// D A Y   F O U R //


Just keeping things honest here. I wore this for half the day while I mopped my floors for the first time in about a month, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted and did domestic things like that.

I changed into this before we ran out to do errands:


t-shirt: Old Navy / cropped jeans: Express / belt: Target / flip flops: reef

// D A Y   F I V E //


shirt: TJ Maxx (similar) / pants: Banana Republic / wedges: Nordstrom

// D A Y   S I X //


This was yesterday. I felt terrible. But I hoped getting dressed would pull me through. It kinda worked, until about 3:00 and it was sweats and the couch for me.

gingham shirt: Old Navy (similar) / jeans: Hudson Bootcut / wedges: DSW / belt: Target

So there you go. May you feel inspired today to put on an outfit you feel cute in.

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