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12 great holiday skirts

 We’re mid-holiday party season which means us ladies get to figure out what to wear. Festive, but comfortable, pretty and classic. At least that’s what I prefer when choosing party outfits. This season, I’m all about skirts. I love the look of a full skirt, sleek black turtleneck, opaque tights and statement necklace.  The best […]

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what we’re wearing (family photos 2014)

Tis the season for family photos. If I could, I would have photos taken every couple of months. But, alas, I live in reality and not only could I not afford it, my kids would probably go crazy if I forced them into outfits and made them smile real smiles more than once per year. […]

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six favorite looks for fall

Fall is my favorite. For many reasons – changing leaves, football season, apple crisp – but right at the top is fall fashion. Sweaters. Boots. Jeans. Cozy. I feel best wearing clothes that cover up this pale skin (shorts are not my favorite) and love dressing in layers. I live in the Seattle area where […]

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coffee chat no. 18

Every once in a while I just have all these random things to say and nowhere to fit them in, so they get all smushed together in a post series I like to call coffee chats. Pretend we’re sitting across from each other (or standing on a soccer field) sipping our drinks (decaf, tall, extra […]

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break the rules: six white pieces to wear this fall

This is the outfit I wore yesterday: It’s still warm outside (in the low 70’s) and so I’m still dressing summery-ish with short sleeves and cropped jeans and flats. The white shirt I put on (a cute hand-me-down from my sister – originally from jcrew) got me thinking about how it was supposed to be […]

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what she wears (dressing Audrey)

Since the day she was born, I have loved dressing my girl. I like classic styles, easy and comfortable with a little bit of color and pattern thrown in for fun. It’s how I dress myself and what I gravitate to when shopping for Audrey. My baby is now four, and sometimes she has an […]

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a go-to cardigan

My favorite way to dress is usually in layers. It helps that I live where it’s not crazy hot in the summer, but this light-weight cardigan works no matter the temperature. It’s just the right amount of slouchy and refined and I kinda want to wear it everyday. Throw it on with jeans or shorts […]

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5 minute makeup

I’m channeling my inner 15 year old and talking about make up today. My sisters and friends and I used to do makeovers all the time – playing with thick eyeliner or new lipstick and always adding a mole ala Cindy Crawford. As much as I loved those makeovers, I never totally got into wearing […]

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what I wore this week

There’s a thing in blogland called What I Wore – where you photograph your outfits and share them online. It’s weird. And feels super awkward. I’m not a fashion blogger, don’t wear designer clothes or even know how to pronounce half the brands anyway, but sometimes I like to jump on the WIW bandwagon. Here’s […]

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joyfolie loveliness + a discount

Among the most beautifully made, beautifully designed and beautifully photographed products available today, Joyfolie shoes and clothing ranks high, high, high up there in my books. What once started as a creative mama sewing baby shoes for her little girl has grown into a gorgeous company with new styles being added frequently. The designs are […]

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favorite flats under $50

Spring is fast approaching … can you feel it in the air? I’m feeling pretty excited for the warmer weather, new growth and, of course, the lighter, brighter fashion. (via boden) One spring basic for any wardrobe is a pretty pair of flats. They are dainty and comfortable, can be worn with jeans, cropped pants […]

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what we’ll wear for family photos

We’re having family photos taken this week for the first time in way too long. We’ll use one for our Christmas card, but we also just hope to capture us being us during this slightly chaotic, but also really fun time in our family’s life. What it means for me is that I get to […]

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what I wore to allume

There are a few things to consider while packing for a conference across the country: 1. you have to fit it all in a suitcase and 2. you have to like what you bring because there are no other options.  I packed a couple of items that were worn more than once – this helped […]

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she needed a seahawks shirt

Have you noticed my undying devotion to the Seattle Seahawks? For as long as I can remember, cheering on my home team has been a weekly tradition. I love the fall for the pretty colors and cozy moments, but most of all, I love the fall because it’s football season. This year is particularly fun […]

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what I wore

Since it’s been over a year since my last what I wore post, it felt like the right time to bring it back. But first, a few disclaimers before we get to the looks: 1. I am not a fashion expert and spend very little time on clothes shopping, reading fashion magazines, keeping up with […]

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displaying jewelry

 I was just having a conversation with my darling sister-in-law about how to navigate looking stylish when you don’t have a clue what stylish is. My best tip: throw on a piece of colorful, chunky jewelry. I’m not really sure if that qualifies as stylish, but it seems easy enough to me. As a girl […]

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what I wore in Disneyland

I may be the vainest person around, but one of the things I thought obsessively about and did the most research on before we left for disneyland was what should i wear? I know, how ridiculous. But bear with me for a moment. Disneyland in May can be hot, so you don’t want to wear […]

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I like: menswear inspired pajamas {and sleeping, too}

Did you make it through the time change? Springing-forward is brutal since it means we miss out on a blessed hour of sleep. And, believe me, I do love to sleep.  Especially after a whirlwind weekend traveling across the country, staying up late laughing with some of my best friends, shopping, running, biking, eating, paddle […]

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