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a fireplace makeover {part one}

I’ve been holding out on you. Last November we finally tackled our fireplace and gave it a makeover. I completely love it. Except like with most projects we do, indecision on the final detail set in and then life just kept going. Which brings us to today – seven months later – with a nearly […]

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solution to kitchen counter clutter

No matter how hard I try, the kitchen counter just seems to collect clutter. Paperwork, receipts, mail, sunglasses, random toys, cords, ipads, phones … it all accumulates right here. Ryan suggested that we find some sort of organizer to sort this mess. Then he went to the thrift store and found this beauty: He totally […]

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wallpapering with gift wrap {tutorial}

I often get an idea in my mind for a room {like, wallpaper for the back wall of the laundry room} and I search and search for what my imagination pictures.  Sometimes I find what I’m looking for; most of the time I don’t. Or maybe I find it, but it is way beyond my […]

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laundry room idea board

Like most large households, ours produces a massive amount of laundry. And like most moms, doing that laundry is far from my favorite task. I have found in my limited research that most laundry-doers fall into one of these categories: 1. you are forced to do laundry when you realize the kids are out of […]

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how switching out lights can make a big difference

Like most homes built in the last 10 years, every single ceiling light fixture in our house looked like this when we moved in: Admittedly, it’s not the worst light fixture in the history of light fixtures, but it’s pretty boring. One simple way to update a space and add style and interest is by […]

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the wall of l’s moved across the street

Remember when I asked for help with this problem wall? You all came through. Great suggestions. My talented friend Darlene even did a little mock-up of her suggestion: Isn’t it lovely? I sat on the ideas for a bit – none of them feeling just right. Until one day, I started moving furniture around and […]

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steppin’ up

When you live in a house with little ones, sometimes practical things {like step stools in the bathroom} are essential. I was growing tired of seeing our perfectly-functional-but-equally-ugly plastic stool in the guest bath and so I was excited to find this wood version at IKEA. It actually is quite attractive in its bare form, […]

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displaying books in the playroom

One year in college my best friend {and roommate} made fun of me because I brought with me a few of my favorite children’s picture books.  Not only did I travel with them from Seattle to LA, but I proudly displayed them on our coffee table.  And I’m not talking about sentimental books that I […]

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a problem spot

I have a problem. It is not particularly big or of great importance, but it has bothered me for, oh, six years now. Here it is: What were our builders thinking putting all of these switches, thermostats, outlets on one wall with such random placement? From the front door, this is what you see going […]

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new curtains for the entry

Like many new construction homes, our front entry has a nice tall door and sidelight windows on either side. These are great for letting in natural light during the day, but not so great for privacy in the evenings. It was Ryan’s idea to hang curtains – brilliant! We originally hung white IKEA panels, but […]

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things I like: ferns

I have a slight love affair with ferns.  Their bright, fresh color, delicate texture, slightly wild arms going every which way … they add just the right feel to my otherwise neutral rooms. {in my office} {on the front porch} {in the kitchen} {in my favorite little nook of the house} {and on the coffee […]

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what’s on your coffee table?

Have you ever noticed in beautifully decorated living rooms that the coffee tables are always accessorized? {via} There is usually a collection of books, flowers, candles, maybe a tray to contain odds and ends. {via} {via} {via} I know life in a photograph is much different than real life. Especially if you have little ones […]

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the kids’ bath needs some style

Our upstairs bath looks like this: Basic builder-grade everything. This is considered the kids’ bathroom, but since we moved our master bedroom upstairs last fall and made our downstairs bedroom into a media room {great use of the space but I do miss our own bathroom!} we now all share this bath. It is a […]

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