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get your free set of valentine note cards + envelopes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share a few freebie love note designs. What’s not to LOVE about watercolor hearts, arrows, rain clouds raining down hearts? My illustrations were scanned and formatted into sweet little note cards with matching diy envelopes. Keep reading for the how-to and to download the files! […]

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Let’s talk about Christmas Cards

You may not know this about me, but I designed custom Christmas cards for the first 10 years of my business. By fortunate connections between my sister and a very talented local photographer in Seattle, I worked on projects for some wonderful Seattle families including a pretty famous one by the name of Gates. Each year they […]

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audrey’s 5th birthday invitations

My baby is turning 5. What?! She’s just the best. She brings a girly flair to our family with her constant songs and dancing, she makes us all laugh and maaaybe has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Possibly her mommy and brothers, too. The kids and I talk about our favorites all the time […]

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before I was a blogger …

I used to design custom stationery. It’s really how Jones Design Company began – making wedding invitations, baby announcements, holiday cards. It was my little business that I did from home when my babies were babies. Much of the work was seasonal, which suited our family well. I kinda fell into it and learned along […]

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pleated projects week: pleated stationery

Today’s pleated project was originally seen on the invitations I created for Audrey’s first birthday. I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for, oh, two years, so I’m glad to finally keep my word. Would you like to learn how to make pleated stationery? Here’s what you’ll need: :: tissue paper :: card stock :: […]

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how to make fancy invitations

Our little girl has a birthday this week. She had a darling first birthday party {see more here} with pretty invitations, party hats and goodie bags – but she doesn’t remember any of it. We didn’t do a big party last year and so now that she is three and has best friends {as she […]

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vintage baby shower invitations

Even though my business has moved away from doing custom invitations, I love being able to do a few projects here and there for family and friends. My dear friend Julia is pregnant with her third baby {the first girl} and I was the invitation-creator for her upcoming shower. She is one of those friends […]

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free printable valentines

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist, a talk show host, or a window dresser {you know, those people who create the displays for department store windows}. Funny thing is, I sort-of pretend to be all of these now that I am a grown up. I record videos of myself […]

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my cousin’s wedding invitations

My second littlest cousin is getting married this fall. We adore her fiance and can’t wait for their special wedding day. {aren’t they the most darling couple?! Photos by the talented Stacy Jacobsen} Jen asked me to create her invitations and I was so pleased to do them for her. She wanted something vintage-y, fun, […]

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valentines for your valentines

Do you have a valentine? Or a friend who is extra sweet? Do your kids want to send something special to their best buddies? Introducing a collection of printable valentines perfect for your valentines. These valentines are printable files – simply download the pdf, print on your favorite card stock and trim along the dotted […]

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embellished note cards

Did you receive anything wonderful for Christmas? Or attend any special parties? Maybe you enjoyed lunch out with a girlfriend or a casual get-together with your neighbors? I do hope so : that is what makes the holidays so much fun. Have you sent a thank you note yet? If not, I have just the […]

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holiday confections {invitations}

My sister hosted the most wonderful holiday party last night. I wanted to do a ‘cookie swap’ party, but with a slight spin on it.  Rather than send the guests home with paper plates full of delicious treats, it seemed like a fun idea for the girls to package the sweets up with pretty ribbons […]

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feeling good

I’m feeling good about myself this morning : : our family christmas cards are ready to be put in the mail Since I make cards for a living, I always feel this self-induced pressure to send out my ‘best creation yet’ for our holiday card. But by the end of the season, I’m typically out […]

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free printable holiday gift tags

My sister and her sister-in-law have a little holiday motto: wrapped and done by december one The amazing part about it is that they actually adhere to it! {me, not so much} Perhaps, like my sister, you have found {or made} the perfect gifts and you are at the wrapping stage.  Or maybe you are […]

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details . details

The day before the boutique my sister called to say that many of her friends were interested in coming but they didn’t really know what it was.  Ryan and I had a vision for what we wanted it to be, but explaining it was a little challenging.  Store? Cocktail party?  Art gallery? Craft show? None […]

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the summer boutique

Last night we hosted the summer boutique. It was SO MUCH FUN. And utterly exhausting! I have a ton of beautiful photos I can’t wait to share, but I’ll start today with the before & after of our amazing space.  This was hosted at my sister’s brother & sister-in-law’s house which is so beautifully designed […]

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A dream come true

About a month ago I had the idea of hosting a handmade sale.  I’ve read blog posts about little parties where handmade items are sold and it seemed like a fun idea.  I figured I would just have it in our home, set up some tables, ask a few of my talented friends to join […]

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I love silhouettes. Probably because of their strong graphic nature and the fact that they are typically black & white {you know my love of all things neutral}. I made some silhouette canvases of my kids about a year ago, but now that we have a new one, I thought I’d update them and add […]

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my baby sister is having a baby

My big sister and I hosted a shower for our little sister last night. She is due with her second little girl in just a few weeks, so it was fun to celebrate with a few of her dearest friends. While laying in bed fighting off a breast infection a few weeks ago, the theme […]

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It’s a sunny day

My mom taught a song to the boys: “It’s a sunny day, it’s a sunny day, it’s sunny outside so we can go out a play. All the little children say ‘hip-hip-hooray!’ It’s a sunny, sunny day {boom boom}” Most days when it is unexpectedly sunny {quite frequently, I’m afraid}, we all break out in […]

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