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all of the sources for the boys room makeover

    Now that the boys’ room is finished and you’ve seen how it turned out {thanks for all of the nice comments, by the way!} today is a good day to share sources and answer a few questions.

    One thing you should know about my approach to decorating: nothing is precious or crazy expensive. That’s just not our style. I think even if we did have an unlimited budget, I’m not sure I could spend hundreds of dollars on sheets for my boys’ beds anyway. The challenge of putting a classic and stylish room together without spending a small fortune makes you get a little creative, work a little harder, and the finished result is always so rewarding.

    I hope you see some doable ideas here, affordable design and inspiration to use what you have and fill in with a few diys and a couple of purchases.

    On to the sources … broken up into categories.


    bunkbeds // purchased from costco 6 years ago. I wish I had a link for where to find them, but I couldn’t find one.
    dresser // old
    shelves & brackets // ikea {see details here}
    chair // old
    woven cube // diy shown here

    ceiling light // depot ceiling lamp potterbarn kids
    floor lamp // pharmacy floor lamp target
    reading lights // hektar wall spotlight ikea
    table lamp // rounded turned wood lamp target


    sheets // ticking stripe sheet set target
    duvet // striped duvet west elm
    blanket // swiss military style wool blanket the sportsman’s guide


    be brave canvas // lindsay letters
    camping art // hail tiger *ENTER DISCOUNT CODE JONES15 FOR 15% OFF*
    stamped wood round // diy shown here
    chalk antler print // the burlap bungalow
    swiss cross canvas // painted by me
    pinecone print // cut from an old letterpress card
    compass canvas // chalk on black painted canvas
    cardboard antlers // jdc|monthly october project
    constellation print // paper source gift wrap


    zinc letters // diy shown here
    lantern // morkt lantern ikea
    mini drawers // local craft store. There is not a source on the tag – I’m so sorry!
    lockers // urban outfitters mini locker that is OUT OF STOCK. Boo. This one is a fun alternative.
    deer pillow // lulu & georgia
    plaid throw // hermine throw ikea
    rope mirror // nate berkus port mirror target {on clearance now}
    embroidered pillow // target {not available online}
    raccoon // folksy forester manhattan toy
    jute rug // tarnby rug ikea

    A few more details …

    I struggled for a while trying to come up with a good window covering option. The bunk beds overlap the window on both sides and so in the end, I decided to do a full wall of curtains to simplify the lines. My mom and I brainstormed how we could get the look of a canvas tent, without it being too obvious. We used a large drop cloth cut in half and stitched with red thread for that industrial/outdoorsy feel. Then Ryan and my dad stapled the whole thing to a 2 x 4 cut to the size of the wall and installed it at the ceiling. With curtain tie back hooks turned sideways, I can now open each side and loop over the hook to open the curtains.


    The entire setup cost less than $30.

    Many of you asked about where the boys toys and clothes are stored. Their room is mostly toy-free since we have a playroom to hold all of their play things. As for their clothes, each boy has a drawer for their shirts and the rest are stored in their very unattractive closet.


    Pajamas go in the wire drawers {just thrown in – I’ve given up on folding pj’s}, each boy has a shelf for their pants {a system that is quickly needing updating as they grow and their pants are getting too big to fit}, and sweatshirts/sweaters/button up shirts are hung. On the top shelf are random too-big items or off-season sports uniforms. Nothing fancy, but it works.

    Now let’s chat for a second about the cork wall. It was a pain. I’m glad I did it, but it did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped.

    The people from WidgetCo sent me a stack of cork wall tiles which I was really excited about because 1. they were self-adhesive which makes them easy to install and 2.they were super thick so the tacks wouldn’t go through the cork and into the wall when putting up photos.

    So one saturday a few weeks ago I spent a few hours putting up the tiles.


    The peeling and sticking part was easy – cutting the tiles to size was a bit trickier, but after a couple of hours, the wall was finished.cork-on-wall-and-then-not

    We left for a few hours and when we returned, the tiles had all come down. I tried to re-stick them, but they came down once again. I contacted Widgetco and they said that sometimes you have to add some extra adhesive depending on your wall surface. They sent me out a pack of replacement tiles and last weekend, I tackled the project once again.


    I tried gorilla glue. They fell down. I tried hot glue. They fell down. Finally, I tapped in a little finish nail to each corner and that did the trick. I should have just done that from the beginning. I would still recommend the tiles because they are great quality and there are not a lot of other options available, but maybe test the adhesive on one tile before taking the time to do an entire wall.

    Whew. That was a lot of info in one post. Hope it is helpful. As always, let me know if you have any more questions!



    33 thoughts on “all of the sources for the boys room makeover”

    1. Hello!
      I absolutely love this room and am also using it as my inspiration room for my youngest son. The price point for the military blanket is awesome, but I’m also concerned about the smell repeatedly mentioned in the reviews. Did you have a problem with that?

      1. The smell is really not an issue. The blankets are scratchy (they are wool!) so the boys don’t necessarily love cuddling up with them, but they are a terrific value!

    2. I was wondering if your wool Swiss military blankets you purchased for the boys room have an odor to them that can’t be washed out?? I wanted to order one for my sons room but noticed a lot of people said they had a strong oil like odor to them. Thanks for your help!

    3. I might have missed this somewhere…what were the names of the paint? I know whites can all look slightly different so I’d love to hear which one you chose and what color the blue was on the ceiling. Did you paint any trim anywhere?

      1. The wool blankets are great. They just lay at the foot of the bed, so I have not washed them and the boys don’t really use them. They are a bit scratchy and heavy, so they prefer just to use the down comforters with duvets to sleep. Overall, they are a great value!

    4. LOVE the room! I have 3 boys so this is definitely inspiration for me. Did you use an extension cord for the boys lights on the top bunks and then run it along the side or something? Trying to figure out how to attach that because I definitely like the idea of lights by each of their beds. Thanks!

    5. Great job, Emily! I love the reading light and wall locker space for each boy. Fun, thoughtful and functional design. Thanks for sharing all your sources!

    6. Emily, this is truly the best boys room I’ve ever seen. You are so very talented and your generosity with sharing sources is just wonderful. I hope the boys are loving it!

    7. I did a cork door for my sons room using the cork tiles & hot glue… disaster! He’s a toddler & ripped the bottom of the cork off. IT was very difficult to adhere. But totally adorable. I eventually ripped them all off. I’ve saved them & have plans to use them again. Thanks for the tips. Did you find there is a certain grain to the cork board as well? I didn’t see it until it was all up.

    8. Love. I have three boys and this is exactly what I would choose for them! Did I miss where you found the fabric for the throw pillows on the bed? I love the splash of orange! Thank you! Emily

    9. I love this room soo much! You have done a wonderful job putting it together. I’m using this room for inspiration for my son’s room. He’s only two so I’m just gathering some different ideas and saving some for when he’s older. I have the BE BRAVE print in red & love it so much! Thanks for sharing your sources! One quick question, on the West Elm duvet, did you buy the comforter insert from there also or do you think any twin insert would work? Love your decorating style so much!! Wish you lived close by… I need some help!

    10. The room is perfection!
      Wondering how you mounted the idea hektar lights? I know they are clamps—did you rig them or do they come with a wall mount bracket? They look great and I want to copy you but didn’t know how you mounted them…. Thanks! You are quite talented.

    11. Oh Emily, this room is just awesome! I can tell a lot of thought went into this for your boys. I wish I could have you over for tea and we could tweak it to work for a college-age boy/man. Care to fly across the country to Vermont? ;)

    12. I love the cork wall idea!Mmy son’s room has a space just like the space you did so I’m borrowing your great idea! I see WidgetCo has several options for the cork tiles. What thickness did you use? Wonderfully handsome room you created!

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