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t-shirt time

    A few weeks ago I found some super cheap t-shirts for the kids that I’ve had stacked in my office waiting for inspiration {and time} to embellish them.

    baby close

    Yesterday was the day and of course I had to show you how they turned out. I didn’t make tutorials, but hopefully I can get your creative wheels turning for decorating t-shirts of your own.

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    growing pains

      We are entering a new phase of parenting. With it comes great joy as we watch our kids grow in to their own personalities, develop their individual talents, become independent and responsible.

      But it also comes with new challenges, heartaches and fear.

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      fabric envelope {tutorial}

        My cousin is graduating from law school this weekend and I am so proud of her. I really can’t imagine going through the amount of undivided studying that girl has done these past few years, but hip, hip, hooray : she is done {okay, not completely since there is still the Bar to study for, but at least she has earned her law degree!}

        fabric envelope

        I have been trying to come up with something memorable and special to give her as a congratulation gift but finally came to the conclusion that money is always the most appreciated gift for any student.

        close up

        Rather than just giving a wad of cash, I created this fabric envelope as the wrapping for the money inside.


        If you have a grad to celebrate, this might be a great gift idea for you too.

        fabric envelope

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        our bedroom

          Why is it that the master bedroom the last to be finished? Experts always say that you should create a bedroom space that is comfortable and private to honor your marriage. But oftentimes the master bedroom consists of a hodge-podge of furniture, a dumping zone for laundry and a very undesirable place to relax.

          Here is what our room looked like two years ago:

          image image

          It wasn’t horrible, but never came together as I had hoped. The walls looked too fleshy, I stole the gray curtains to use in Audrey’s room and furniture was moved in and out until we just had a random assortment of things that didn’t work.

          When Holly came to visit in February, I took full advantage of her decorating brain and she helped us design our new master bedroom.

          We don’t spend much awake time in our room, but still really wanted a space that felt peaceful, sophisticated and a little bit sexy where we could, you know, sleep.¬† So here is what we now have:


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          the piano nook

            This was our piano nook yesterday morning. Nothing terrible about it, but pretty hum-drum. This is it today: Color, texture, pattern – a little crazy, but a fun change. I have been waiting for inspiration to strike, and it came unexpectedly when I found this… Continue Reading…the piano nook

            hold on to your fork

              I heard a story this weekend and wanted to share. Perhaps you’ve heard it, or maybe it isn’t even true, but the meaning is sweet, nevertheless. You can read many different versions online, but this is my recap: A woman who was nearing death, requested… Continue Reading…hold on to your fork

              how sweet

                My littlest niece turned one this past week and so her momma threw her a sweets party. {my mom always bakes the kids their own birthday cake for their birthday – isn’t this one cute?!} For favors, Hillary made cake pops {from this recipe} and… Continue Reading…how sweet