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the lamp print

    I wasn’t planning on sharing this story – the story of how the lamp print came about – but it seems appropriate after all of the wonderfully positive feedback and questions about it. It is pretty personal to me and if you aren’t in the… Continue Reading…the lamp print


      Several months ago, this was my finished office: But in true ryan-and-emily-fashion the room didn’t stay that way for long.  Because Ryan was working with me so much on my blog and business, we decided he needed a workspace in the office as well.  So… Continue Reading…office–rearranged

      be intentional

        Last night my best friend and I were doing our bible study and the word ‘intentional’ kept coming up.  She mentioned that be intentional has been a phrase on her heart for several weeks – a phrase she wants to paint over her doorway in… Continue Reading…be intentional

        valentine goodie bags

          My friend Rae : she’s amazing. I’ve talked about her on here plenty of times and will continue to showcase her talent because : she’s amazing. Look what she came up with this time: Valentine goodie bags + stickers. You can select from her adorable… Continue Reading…valentine goodie bags

          kitchen follow-ups

            Thank you for all of the nice comments on our kitchen. I know I’ve shown it a million times, but I realized that my old post from my old blog didn’t transfer the photos when we moved to this new site, so I figured I… Continue Reading…kitchen follow-ups

            our kitchen

              As I mentioned last week, we remodeled our kitchen just a year or two after we moved into our house. It was a fine kitchen and believe me, we were thrilled to have such a luxurious place to cook and eat coming from our previous… Continue Reading…our kitchen

              live where you live

                2011 is my year to let loose. Have a little more fun. Be daring and crazy. You probably won’t find me sky diving or shaving my head, but I do hope to take life a little less seriously. Take, for example, decorating my home. I… Continue Reading…live where you live

                embellished note cards

                  Did you receive anything wonderful for Christmas? Or attend any special parties? Maybe you enjoyed lunch out with a girlfriend or a casual get-together with your neighbors? I do hope so : that is what makes the holidays so much fun. Have you sent a… Continue Reading…embellished note cards