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First of Fall

Happy September 1st!

I’ll be honest … I’m not as ready for fall as I usually am. This summer has been great and I’m still hanging on to the last threads. The kids go back to school in a few days and so I fully expect that by the end of the week I’ll be back to my normal autumn-loving self – lighting candles and pulling out my favorite fall sweaters and craving hot tea.

Last year I painted this cute Autumn Essentials watercolor print and just looking at it reminds me how wonderful this next season is.

autumn-essentials printable free-download

Slippers. The sound of rain. Changing leaves. Tall boots. Cozy, warm colors and pumpkin pie. Continue Reading →

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summer freebies added to the archive

Did you know we have an entire library of freebies?! We call it The Archive, and in there lives a happy handful of free printables, templates, fonts and clipart all ready for you to download and enjoy.


Two new summer prints were just added as well as DIY beach bag tags, so be sure to log in (or sign up!) to print.


And don’t miss the popular Summer Essentials print (it’s the one that started the series)

or these cute diy summer iphone covers

Everything is located in our library of freebies and you are welcome to sign in to use them all!

To join (it’s free) or log in to your existing account just click the image below.



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free easter goodies

Two years ago, the oh-so-talented Lindsay and I collaborated on this set of prints for the Easter season. The mix of her lovely lettering, pretty watercolor backgrounds and my favorite Easter-morning saying makes for a cheerful collection.

Using Lindsay’s artwork as inspiration, I played around with some holiday table settings. There are lots of do-it-yourself ideas here as well as simple ways to set a pretty table. Perhaps it can inspire your Easter decorations again this year.

linen + white + industrial basket + vintage glassware

and the perfect little place cards

printed paper + ribbon-tied napkin + coordinating chocolates in a pretty dish

with a lovely print to send home with each guest

fresh flowers + pretty china + playful polkadots

paper plates + candy appetizer + crepe paper flower

a name tag tied to a flower makes a special party favor

. . . . . . . . . . .

So does that give you any ideas for your Easter table?

If you would like to use Lindsay’s artwork as part of your decoration, we have put together a great collection for you.

This is a printable file with each of these designs in all three colorways {teal, green, navy}.

You can print as many as you need, give them as gifts or use in your own home.

And the best part?


Please sign in (or sign up!) to the archive for instant access.


Feel free to share this with your friends … we all love freebies {especially ones so pretty!}

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filling our minds (and mirrors and refrigerators and walls) with truth

As a bonus for the Paper Works members, I created this set of scripture note cards.  So many of you requested to just purchase the cards and I’m here to deliver.


The set includes 52 individual cards with thirteen different stripey colorways. They are cheerfully simple, filled with encouragement, promises, reminders and TRUTH.


Perfect for posting on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or a wall.

Here’s another great way to use the cards: a flip book.


Simply print and trim a set of scripture cards (on a heavy cardstock for durability – like this),


punch a hole in the corner of each card (I used one as a guide so the holes were all lined up)


clip on a book ring (like these)


and you will have a portable flip book of memory verses. My best friend carries one of these in her car – when she has a moment to wait in line for pick up or at the starbucks drive-thru, she can take a second to look at scripture instead of the most recent status update.  Such a great idea!


I tried to make the designs appeal to both men and women – some a decidedly more feminine in color, but I think the men in your life will also appreciate having scripture around even if the border is a cute coral stripe.


These scripture cards are now available in the shop as a digital download.


//UPDATE// How many times have I poured over and over these cards making sure there were no mistakes?! And, yet, there it is! (ever instead of every). Ugh! I have now fixed the file so you are all set with a grammatically correct set of cards. Thanks to the extra sets of eyes today who pointed it out :)

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april paperworks designs now available + a freebie

We’re all a bit of a mess, let’s just admit it. We don’t know what’s for dinner and forgot our children had a half-day and didn’t make it to the post office for the third day in a row. The bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in who-knows-how-long, we’re down to half a carton of milk and three dried-out carrot sticks and that overdue thank you note still hasn’t been written. (Please tell me I’m not alone!! … )

Our lives may be full and schedules a little chaotic, and this may not be the end-all solution, but it sure can help: introducing Paper Works.


This monthly set of stylish designs comes just when you need it and helps you stay on top of your everyday tasks. A monthly calendar to remember the big things, weekly calendar to get down to the details. Note cards for at-the-ready thank you notes (or bus passes or lunch box notes), an art print for a last-minute gift. Then there’s the meal-planning prompts – monthly and weekly menus, shopping and grocery lists – to aid in feeding your family and the chore lists to keep your home spick-and-span.

But here’s the thing I love the most about Paper Works … it’s cute! It’s fun to use because it’s fun to look at. Kinda silly and meaningless, but I find that if I have to do it, I might as well enjoy the process and having attractive tools makes me all the more motivated to use them.  Every month has a fresh new design and from what I’ve heard from hundreds of Paper Works members, it’s like opening up a gift every time a new collection comes out.

Want to see what we have for April?


Included each month:
month calendar*
weekly calendar*
daily planner
dinner menu*
weekly menu*
grocery & shopping lists*
dailies chart*
chore charts*
original art print
note cards*
wallpapers for desktop, iphone, ipad
surprise extras

Simply open the pdf files and print on your favorite paper. Items with an * are editable, which means you can type directly on them before printing. This works great for general chores, recurring events on the calendar or regular monthly meals and especially if you don’t love your handwriting.

The desktop & mobile wallpapers are always fun to switch out:


Click the image to download all of the wallpapers for free!

Simply save and set as background/wallpaper on the device of your choosing.

Each month we put an extra little bonus (or two or three!) in with the collection. I’m so excited about this month’s extra as it’s been in the works for a few months.


Included are 52 scripture cards plus a page of blank cards, in 14 different colorways. Use them to memorize a verse each week, put them up around your house, bind them to a big metal o-ring and keep them in your car for when you have a few minutes to flip through them, or pass them out to friends and loved ones as needed. I love the idea of filling my mind with truth and this is just one practical (and stylish!) way to practice this.

Choose the paper works option that works best for you:

paper works digital // you have access to all pdf files and can print as many as you need. Try it for free for 7 days to make sure it works for you!

paper works print + digital // receive a professionally printed package of your monthly goods. You also have access to all pdf files. This is so good if you want to have everything at your fingertips ready for instant use.


For all of the details and many more images, click here.


I think you’ll love what Paper Works can do for you!

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