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free spring art print

There is still a week or two before the official first day of spring, but don’t you just feel ready?!


We’ve had some uncharacteristically sunny, warm days in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been lovely. We’ve played outside and opened the windows and bought my first bunch of springtime tulips.

Last year I watercolored an assortment of the things that remind me of spring: pastels, fresh greens, pretty dresses and ballet flats. Then I scanned the painting, added text and turned it into a printable pdf file that you can download and print at home to put you in the springtime mood.  Just print on your favorite paper (see my favorite sources here) and display in your entry or bedroom or office or any place you need a little colorful pick-me-up.

To grab your free spring art print, click below for instant access to our freebie files we call The Archive.

Happy Spring!

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freebie gift tags

Are you busy wrapping gifts? I’m still shopping (still!) but soon I’ll move on to the wrapping phase and the pretty gifts will sit under the tree for all of two days before they are torn open. Someday I’ll learn to move things along a little faster so I can enjoy those festively wrapped gifts.

When wrapping, I tend towards simple paper, nice ribbon and a cute gift tag. There are so many fun (and free) options around the internet and here are a bunch of tags I’ve created for you as well.





For more Christmas goodies, check out this art print and these favorite tags.

Enjoy and happy wrapping!

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First of Fall

Happy September 1st!

I’ll be honest … I’m not as ready for fall as I usually am. This summer has been great and I’m still hanging on to the last threads. The kids go back to school in a few days and so I fully expect that by the end of the week I’ll be back to my normal autumn-loving self – lighting candles and pulling out my favorite fall sweaters and craving hot tea.

Last year I painted this cute Autumn Essentials watercolor print and just looking at it reminds me how wonderful this next season is.

autumn-essentials printable free-download

Slippers. The sound of rain. Changing leaves. Tall boots. Cozy, warm colors and pumpkin pie. Continue Reading →

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summer freebies added to the archive

Did you know we have an entire library of freebies?! We call it The Archive, and in there lives a happy handful of free printables, templates, fonts and clipart all ready for you to download and enjoy.


Two new summer prints were just added as well as DIY beach bag tags, so be sure to log in (or sign up!) to print.


And don’t miss the popular Summer Essentials print (it’s the one that started the series)

or these cute diy summer iphone covers

Everything is located in our library of freebies and you are welcome to sign in to use them all!

To join (it’s free) or log in to your existing account just click the image below.



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free easter goodies

Two years ago, the oh-so-talented Lindsay and I collaborated on this set of prints for the Easter season. The mix of her lovely lettering, pretty watercolor backgrounds and my favorite Easter-morning saying makes for a cheerful collection.

Using Lindsay’s artwork as inspiration, I played around with some holiday table settings. There are lots of do-it-yourself ideas here as well as simple ways to set a pretty table. Perhaps it can inspire your Easter decorations again this year.

linen + white + industrial basket + vintage glassware

and the perfect little place cards

printed paper + ribbon-tied napkin + coordinating chocolates in a pretty dish

with a lovely print to send home with each guest

fresh flowers + pretty china + playful polkadots

paper plates + candy appetizer + crepe paper flower

a name tag tied to a flower makes a special party favor

. . . . . . . . . . .

So does that give you any ideas for your Easter table?

If you would like to use Lindsay’s artwork as part of your decoration, we have put together a great collection for you.

This is a printable file with each of these designs in all three colorways {teal, green, navy}.

You can print as many as you need, give them as gifts or use in your own home.

And the best part?


Please sign in (or sign up!) to the archive for instant access.


Feel free to share this with your friends … we all love freebies {especially ones so pretty!}

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filling our minds (and mirrors and refrigerators and walls) with truth

As a bonus for the Paper Works members, I created this set of scripture note cards.  So many of you requested to just purchase the cards and I’m here to deliver.


The set includes 52 individual cards with thirteen different stripey colorways. They are cheerfully simple, filled with encouragement, promises, reminders and TRUTH.


Perfect for posting on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or a wall.

Here’s another great way to use the cards: a flip book.


Simply print and trim a set of scripture cards (on a heavy cardstock for durability – like this),


punch a hole in the corner of each card (I used one as a guide so the holes were all lined up)


clip on a book ring (like these)


and you will have a portable flip book of memory verses. My best friend carries one of these in her car – when she has a moment to wait in line for pick up or at the starbucks drive-thru, she can take a second to look at scripture instead of the most recent status update.  Such a great idea!


I tried to make the designs appeal to both men and women – some a decidedly more feminine in color, but I think the men in your life will also appreciate having scripture around even if the border is a cute coral stripe.


These scripture cards are now available in the shop as a digital download.


//UPDATE// How many times have I poured over and over these cards making sure there were no mistakes?! And, yet, there it is! (ever instead of every). Ugh! I have now fixed the file so you are all set with a grammatically correct set of cards. Thanks to the extra sets of eyes today who pointed it out :)

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april paperworks designs now available + a freebie

We’re all a bit of a mess, let’s just admit it. We don’t know what’s for dinner and forgot our children had a half-day and didn’t make it to the post office for the third day in a row. The bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in who-knows-how-long, we’re down to half a carton of milk and three dried-out carrot sticks and that overdue thank you note still hasn’t been written. (Please tell me I’m not alone!! … )

Our lives may be full and schedules a little chaotic, and this may not be the end-all solution, but it sure can help: introducing Paper Works.


This monthly set of stylish designs comes just when you need it and helps you stay on top of your everyday tasks. A monthly calendar to remember the big things, weekly calendar to get down to the details. Note cards for at-the-ready thank you notes (or bus passes or lunch box notes), an art print for a last-minute gift. Then there’s the meal-planning prompts – monthly and weekly menus, shopping and grocery lists – to aid in feeding your family and the chore lists to keep your home spick-and-span.

But here’s the thing I love the most about Paper Works … it’s cute! It’s fun to use because it’s fun to look at. Kinda silly and meaningless, but I find that if I have to do it, I might as well enjoy the process and having attractive tools makes me all the more motivated to use them.  Every month has a fresh new design and from what I’ve heard from hundreds of Paper Works members, it’s like opening up a gift every time a new collection comes out.

Want to see what we have for April?


Included each month:
month calendar*
weekly calendar*
daily planner
dinner menu*
weekly menu*
grocery & shopping lists*
dailies chart*
chore charts*
original art print
note cards*
wallpapers for desktop, iphone, ipad
surprise extras

Simply open the pdf files and print on your favorite paper. Items with an * are editable, which means you can type directly on them before printing. This works great for general chores, recurring events on the calendar or regular monthly meals and especially if you don’t love your handwriting.

The desktop & mobile wallpapers are always fun to switch out:


Click the image to download all of the wallpapers for free!

Simply save and set as background/wallpaper on the device of your choosing.

Each month we put an extra little bonus (or two or three!) in with the collection. I’m so excited about this month’s extra as it’s been in the works for a few months.


Included are 52 scripture cards plus a page of blank cards, in 14 different colorways. Use them to memorize a verse each week, put them up around your house, bind them to a big metal o-ring and keep them in your car for when you have a few minutes to flip through them, or pass them out to friends and loved ones as needed. I love the idea of filling my mind with truth and this is just one practical (and stylish!) way to practice this.

Choose the paper works option that works best for you:

paper works digital // you have access to all pdf files and can print as many as you need. Try it for free for 7 days to make sure it works for you!

paper works print + digital // receive a professionally printed package of your monthly goods. You also have access to all pdf files. This is so good if you want to have everything at your fingertips ready for instant use.


For all of the details and many more images, click here.


I think you’ll love what Paper Works can do for you!

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spring essentials (freebie art print)

Well, it’s still raining daily up here in the Pacific Northwest and I know elsewhere around the country fresh snow covers the ground, but I’ve seen tiny buds on blossoming cherry trees, heard the first chirp of a bird and have the itch to give our house a big wipe down. This could only mean one thing: Spring is coming.

To get us in the mood for all things floral and bright, new and – ahhh – spring-y, I compiled a few of my favorite spring essentials into a new watercolor painting.


I scanned the original painting, added titles and turned it into a printable pdf for your enjoyment (I’ll show you how I did it on wednesday). It’s a fun piece to put out this spring (maybe on your entry table? Or on your mantle?) or to give a friend who loves springtime and all the beauty it holds.


You can download the print below, then print on your favorite paper (try watercolor paper for an authentic look).


To download this print, I invite you to join our library of freebies called the archive


It’s our best way to organize all of our best fonts, templates, downloads and more and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.

We new have all four seasons of essentials prints! Download each one in the archive.



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serve one another in love (free printable)

As I was thinking about different quotes and song lyrics, phrases and thoughts about love, my mind remembered a verse that truly is the embodiment of how I want love to look for me and my family.


To serve one another in love. To be kind and generous with our time, our home, our food and things. Sometimes it is hard (like when you’re tired or running short on resources or when when your best friend’s family lives with you for 7 months and by the end you just kinda want to not share anymore) and other times comes easily (like when your home team is in the playoffs and you don’t even hesitate rearranging your beloved furniture to accommodate a gigantic screen and a million wild children because go seahawks!).  Messing up your house, occupying your limited time, dirtying up dishes and giving of your money is not necessarily convenient. It takes sacrifice and putting others ahead of yourself, which for most of us does not come naturally.  Serving in love is not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Always. I hope this is what our family is about.


This print was just a quick drawing that I’d love to pass along to you during this month where we celebrate all things love.


Download the pdf file and print onto your favorite paper. Either choose an 8×10


or 5×7 (then share with a friend!)



To download the print, please sign in (or sign up) for the archive. This is our way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join or log in.


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free iphone covers {new designs}

These new iphone cover designs were supposed to be wintery to go with the previous original, summer and autumn designs – but what came out is decidedly un-wintery!


We’re still so far from spring, but cheerful colors and trendy geometrics can work for any time of year, maybe even especially when the weather is on the gloomy side.


These templates make it so easy to switch out your phone cover based on the season, current trends or whenever the mood strikes.  All it takes is a printer {this one is my favorite}, paper {i used matte photo paper to make the colors pop} and a clear phone case {like this one for $5.99}.


For a full tutorial click here, but the steps are quite simple: print the free template, cut around the edges, punch out a hole for the camera and pop into your clear cover.


To download these new designs:


or any of the previous covers:


please sign in {or sign up!} to The Archive. Each come in either iphone 4s or iphone 5 sizes.


The Archive is our way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.


// UPDATE //

I’m sorry to exclude all of the android users … here is a download for you!


These are sized to fit the Galaxy S4, but can be trimmed slightly to also fit the HTC One and Droid Maxx. To download the files, click here.

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winter essentials {freebie art print}

When I first painted the summer essentials artwork, I was just doodling with my kids. Who knew this would turn into a seasonal series of artwork?! If you loved the summer essentials print and adored the autumn essentials print, I think you’ll be pleased with this charming new winter essentials painting.


Included are some of my favorite wintery things {wool coat, paperwhites, peppermint candies, extra hot lattes} and a few classics {mittens, black heels, lip balm}.


I scanned the original painting, added titles and turned it into a printable pdf for your enjoyment. It’s a fun piece to put out for the winter {maybe on your entry table? Or on your mantle? Mine is in the kitchen} or to wrap up and give a friend this holiday season.


You can download the print below, then print on your favorite paper. Try matte photo paper to get the best image quality, or watercolor paper for an authentic watercolor look.


To download this print, I invite you to join our library of freebies & downloads: the archive


It’s our new way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.


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three ways to practice gratitude

How wonderful is it to have this community where we can let down our guards, be honest for a moment and admit that we don’t have it all together?! It seems many of us desire to have hearts full of gratitude, but we’re falling short and not exactly sure how to get there.  I’ve spent this weekend thinking through a couple of things as a follow-up to the last post and have settled on three tangible ways to get ourselves into the thankful mind frame during the month of November {and beyond, we hope!}.


I love this quote: Gratitude turns what we have into enough. For the next few weeks, let’s turn our hearts away from finding meaning in more and towards looking at what we already have and calling it enough.  It’s such a small change of perspective, but hopefully one that can make a difference.


If you like, post to instagram, facebook or twitter and use the hashtag #ENOUGH to join together on this.


The verse that keeps coming to mind through all of this thought on gratitude is:

Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete. Romans 12:2 VOICE

What I don’t want is to be committed to practicing gratitude for these next 30 days and then go back to usual come December 1. That’s called behavior modification and while it has a place, it’s not the right fit for this one.  What I truly want is heart transformation and that can only come through renewing my mind, changing the way I think and respond from the inside out.  I’m guessing you want the same. The way I think we can get there is through filling our minds with truth.

To start, I’ve compiled 10 great scriptures about thankfulness {find them right here}. You can copy and paste to print them out, bookmark the page for a daily read or write down your favorites to commit to memory.


For the past two years our family has done a thankful tree and it has become my kids’ favorite tradition for this time of year.


A full explanation is on this original thankful tree post, but the idea is simply to grab a few branches, pop them in a pretty urn and put out tags to write on and then hang from the tree. As the boys went out the door to the bus this morning, each stopped to think of something they are thankful for and put it on a tag. It was so sweet to watch them do it on their own and take a few seconds to reflect before they went on with their day. You can dedicate a time each day to do this as a family, or just let them go at it – which is probably our approach this year – every time they pass the tree, they are welcome to use another tag.



There are thankful tags from that first thankful tree post which you are welcome to use, or choose your favorite from these new designs.



Just dowload the pdf, print on your favorite paper {I used this textured paper from Paper Source}, and cut around the edges. Punch a hole in the top if you’ll be hanging from branches, or just use as little cards to keep in a pretty bowl, or on your thanksgiving table or as lunchbox notes.






Each of these tags are found in The Archive along with a bunch of other favorite JDC freebies.

I do hope these little things can make a big difference in our hearts this year.

xo, emily

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jdc | monthly November collection

Want more organization tools to help make your days a bit easier {and prettier}? I’m pleased to introduce the new JDC | monthly November collection.


This is our monthly printable papergoods service where you get an original set of practical and stylish calendars, lists, note cards and more. Here’s what’s included this month:


Upon joining, you will be sent a link to access all of the pdf files. Download and print, or save them to your computer for a rainy day.

JDC | monthly members will also receive 50% off all printables in the shop.

the details:

You will receive the link to the monthly collection immediately after signing up. On the 22nd of each month, you will receive an email with the link to download the newest collection of printable files. If you decide JDC | monthly is not for you, you are free to cancel at any time.

Click the button below to receive JDC | monthly via email for $9.99 {try it for 7 days free!}.


If you are not ready to commit to a monthly membership, you can purchase just this month’s collection. The price is $12.99 and you’ll have access to the files forever.


We’d love to see how you use your monthly goods. Tag a photo on any social media using #jdcmonthly so we can take a peek.

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free autumn iphone covers

Autumn is officially here {well, I guess it has been for a few weeks now} which means it’s time to update our iphone covers.


These pretty fall covers slip in perfectly to a clear iphone case and make it oh so easy to switch it up when the mood strikes.


A full tutorial is on this diy iphone cover post, but it’s pretty simple: print the free templates on cardstock or photo paper, cut around the edges, cut out a hole for the camera and pop into your clear cover.

I have created two templates: one for the iphone 4s


And another for the iphone 5


To download these freebies, I invite you to join the newest feature here at JDC: the archive


It’s our way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.


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learn how to paint watercolor letters

I spent a few hours painting last week. They are simple little paintings – just a letter in relief done in watercolor – but they turned out so well, I knew I ought to share the details.


{via my instagram}


This is a great painting project for the beginner watercolor-ist. You don’t need fancy brush skills or even fancy tools to do this. Keep reading to see how it’s done.



watercolors {I use an set by Prang and it’s about $8 at the art store or online here}
brush {this one is a number 2 rounded brush by royal. I’m not well-educated on the right brushes to use – I just like them to be pretty fine so that I can do detail work}
watercolor paper {this is my favorite because it is super thick}
clean water
paper towel
good eraser {like this}

For more on watercolor technique, this is a great resource. Plus the photos are really pretty.

STEP ONE // trim your paper to 5 x 7 {or desired size} and lightly sketch the outline of your letter


I just chose a few different fonts in Illustrator and copied by eye, but you could certainly print out your letter and transfer {using this method perhaps}. Don’t worry about it being perfect – watercolor by nature is a little loose so it’s nice to have a hand-drawn look to these. The fonts I used are bodoni at home, bombshell pro, jacques & gilles, and georgia.

STEP TWO // mix your paint color

add lots of water to watercolor tray

Add lots of water to the color, then dab a bit on your brush and begin to mix your color on the palette. Very rarely do I use the color straight from the color tray. I pretty much always mix in a bit of brown to tone down the color and will add yellow to brighten as well. Just play around with the colors to see what tones you prefer.

watercolor palette mixing colors

STEP THREE // trace a small part of the outline of the letter, leaving the inside free of paint.

painting with watercolor outline the letter

STEP FOUR // blend with water and various shades of the same color for a ombre/messy watercolor look. The key is to keep your brush very wet and be a little sloppy with your strokes.

blending watercolor with water


One of the best things about watercolors is that they are very forgiving. If you add too much paint, just mix in more water, or dab off with a dry paper towel.

STEP FIVE // once completely dry {it only takes a few minutes} erase pencil marks

erase pencil marks on watercolor letter

With varied colors and fonts, this makes for a really fun way to add personality and originality to a simple monogram.


Originally I made these as gifts for the blogger-friends who joined me on the 20 days of giveaways, but I loved them so much, I just kept going with each letter of the alphabet.


I know you can make these on your own – and please do try! It would be a fun project to do with kids, make a huge one for your wall, or tiny ones to adorn gifts as tags.

But, of course, I know not everyone is crazy for diy watercolors, so I’ve scanned in my letters and now have digital watercolor letters you can download and print {and pretend you painted yourself}.


Of course they are great on their own, but also fun to use to spell out a word or make a banner.

sip-watercolor-letters    joy-banner

The collection is now available for purchase and instant download in the shop.

I can’t wait to see what you create with these!

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