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a touch of yellow

    Each season, a certain color seems to be just the right fit. Right now, that color is yellow. At least for me. Yellow shoes. Yellow rainboots. A new yellow wallet {this one, but in yellow}. And lots of pops of the cheerful color around the… Continue Reading…a touch of yellow

    our mudroom

      We bought our house 5 years ago based off a floor plan we found online.  One of our favorite features was this mudroom. It connects the garage to the rest of the house and is such a great dumping ground for our busy family.  The… Continue Reading…our mudroom


        This season leading up to Thanksgiving is one of my favorites.  If there is anything I’d like to be, it is thankful, and so I love the idea of expressing our gratitude both in spoken and written word. I have created a set of cards… Continue Reading…thankfulness

        office desk

          A few weeks ago I showed you my new office desk in it’s raw state. At that point I was thinking I would add a skirt. But once it was sanded primed painted {two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint in Rushing River} given a… Continue Reading…office desk


            Let’s talk about refrigerators for a minute. This is what ours looks like: In a world where stainless is the preferred choice, ours is white. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Have you ever noticed that refrigerators in magazines are always bare?… Continue Reading…refrigerators

            my weekend project

              So we’ve moved a few things around in the house {no surprise there}. Among the objects that have been moved is this desk that will now reside in my office. We made it a few years ago and it has never been finished {another big… Continue Reading…my weekend project

              watercolor silhouettes

                It is no secret that I like silhouettes. They are graphic, they are old-fashioned and sentimental. Last weekend I pulled down the bird collage above the piano, decided not to paint piano and instead painted the wall behind it. Then I needed something to fill… Continue Reading…watercolor silhouettes

                our bedroom

                  Why is it that the master bedroom the last to be finished? Experts always say that you should create a bedroom space that is comfortable and private to honor your marriage. But oftentimes the master bedroom consists of a hodge-podge of furniture, a dumping zone for laundry and a very undesirable place to relax.

                  Here is what our room looked like two years ago:

                  image image

                  It wasn’t horrible, but never came together as I had hoped. The walls looked too fleshy, I stole the gray curtains to use in Audrey’s room and furniture was moved in and out until we just had a random assortment of things that didn’t work.

                  When Holly came to visit in February, I took full advantage of her decorating brain and she helped us design our new master bedroom.

                  We don’t spend much awake time in our room, but still really wanted a space that felt peaceful, sophisticated and a little bit sexy where we could, you know, sleep.  So here is what we now have:


                  Continue Reading…our bedroom

                  our living room

                    Welcome to our living room {beware : I went a little crazy with the photos} You may have noticed that the link to this room on the our house page is inactive. That’s because I’ve never done a post about it. While it is the… Continue Reading…our living room

                    a spring wreath

                      A few weeks ago I spent some time with two of my oldest friends {not old as in age, but old as in I’ve known them for a long, long time}.  Both mentioned that they had their burlap wreaths up and that they wanted something… Continue Reading…a spring wreath