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i made a sock monkey …

    … and he turned out really cute. I used a pair of knee socks from target, some embroidery thread and two wooden buttons. He now lives happily with the little snow monkey on the left. I was inspired by the cute sock monkeys Darby made, then followed this tutorial… Continue Reading…i made a sock monkey …

    advent calendars

      This is what I wanted to do for my kids for our advent calendar this year: I was going to make bags like I did for Audrey’s birthday favors using my chevron printable paper, then create cute number stickers and hang them as a banner… Continue Reading…advent calendars

      he calls me mom

        My oldest son is 7 1/2. He is in second grade, is into lego building, video game playing and bike riding. He loves to snack. He is terrified of germs. He {still} adores his tattered blankie.  He is really smart, creative, witty and has the… Continue Reading…he calls me mom


          This season leading up to Thanksgiving is one of my favorites.  If there is anything I’d like to be, it is thankful, and so I love the idea of expressing our gratitude both in spoken and written word. I have created a set of cards… Continue Reading…thankfulness

          office desk

            A few weeks ago I showed you my new office desk in it’s raw state. At that point I was thinking I would add a skirt. But once it was sanded primed painted {two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint in Rushing River} given a… Continue Reading…office desk

            q & a a day

              I bought myself a new book last week.  It is for sure a new favorite. The book is called Q & A a day and has a year’s worth of questions to answer for five consecutive years. I love the concept. As my real life… Continue Reading…q & a a day


                Let’s talk about refrigerators for a minute. This is what ours looks like: In a world where stainless is the preferred choice, ours is white. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Have you ever noticed that refrigerators in magazines are always bare?… Continue Reading…refrigerators