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The time I was going to show you how to make paper dahlias

    I was joking with my family just the other day about how I use the word favorite quite liberally.


    My favorite candy? Good & Plenties. Sour Patch Kids. Hot Tamales. Fruit Mentos. Twix if I’m feeling chocolaty.

    Favorite color? Blue – all shades – or sometimes just the jeweled tones. Green. White – ah, I love white!. Gray.

    My favorite season? Which ever one is up next.

    See? Lot’s of favorites. Don’t try to stick me to only one from each category because I just can’t decide. There are just too many great things to choose between.Continue Reading…The time I was going to show you how to make paper dahlias

    rolled MAGAZINE flowers + antler chalk art

      During my ‘quieting the house‘ rampage, I finally convinced myself to get rid of stacks and stacks of old magazines. Why was I holding on to them? I can not tell you. But from the comments on the IG photo, magazine-hoarding seems to be a common problem among perfectly normal women.

      All of those extra magazines got me thinking … what can all of us hoarders do with old publications that we’re truthfully never going to read again? We can make stuff. Cute rolled paper flowers, for example.


      Add the rolled magazine flowers to a simple chalkboard project and you have an inexpensive and whimsical piece of art.Continue Reading…rolled MAGAZINE flowers + antler chalk art

      how I edit iphone photos for instagram

        My iphone is like an extension of my arm – it’s by my side at nearly all times of day (and night). I love it for texting and checking the weather and asking siri important questions like ‘how many days until …?’ (asked by a certain second born who is slightly excited about his upcoming birthday) and watching cute youtube videos like this one and this.

        Most of all, I love it for the camera.

        Admittedly, an iphone does not take the same quality of photos as a real camera, but the fact that it is always with me, easy to use and quick to capture everyday moments works out just fine for me. It is fun to practice photography with my phone – looking for interesting angles or composition or finding the right light – and sharing those photos on instagram is a favorite, too.

        I almost always do some editing before posting to instagram (I like a slightly dreamy, washed out look) and thought I’d show you what that looks like.


        We’ll use this photo taken yesterday of a piece of my mom’s blackberry pie (yum).

        Here it is straight from the camera:Continue Reading…how I edit iphone photos for instagram

        diy painted silhouette

          Today is a continuation from yesterday’s post about how to create a silhouette. You can use your vector silhouette for many different things (stationery, a tote bag, necklace, web graphics) but today I’ll show you how I made these large framed painted silhouettes that line… Continue Reading…diy painted silhouette

          all about fonts

            I never grow tired of discovering and trying out new fonts. Generally, I have my favorites that I use over and over, but sometimes playing with a new typeface can inspire a project and compliment an existing design in a fresh way. There is something… Continue Reading…all about fonts

            let’s talk printers

              Once you begin designing your own invitations, stationery, artwork, you kinda want to be able to print it. There are times when having items printed professionally is ideal, but sometimes, you don’t really want to drive to the closest printer to have six invitations to… Continue Reading…let’s talk printers