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painted house numbers

    This is what our front door looked like Saturday morning: and a few hours later: The sun was out, the kids were happily bouncing on the neighbors’ trampoline and I had the itch for a quick project. So I painted house numbers on our front… Continue Reading…painted house numbers

    a wall of L’s

      We have this random nook between the dining room and the staircase that fits our piano perfectly. The wall above the piano is one of the first things you see when you walk into our home, so while I want it to make a statement,… Continue Reading…a wall of L’s

      a special game of memory

        Country Living featured this version of a homemade memory game in the December issue. Since my little potty-mouth loves playing games, I thought it would make a special christmas gift.  After thinking through different objects I could use on the cards, I decided on a… Continue Reading…a special game of memory

        i made a sock monkey …

          … and he turned out really cute. I used a pair of knee socks from target, some embroidery thread and two wooden buttons. He now lives happily with the little snow monkey on the left. I was inspired by the cute sock monkeys Darby made, then followed this tutorial… Continue Reading…i made a sock monkey …

          advent calendars

            This is what I wanted to do for my kids for our advent calendar this year: I was going to make bags like I did for Audrey’s birthday favors using my chevron printable paper, then create cute number stickers and hang them as a banner… Continue Reading…advent calendars


              This season leading up to Thanksgiving is one of my favorites.  If there is anything I’d like to be, it is thankful, and so I love the idea of expressing our gratitude both in spoken and written word. I have created a set of cards… Continue Reading…thankfulness