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how I edit iphone photos for instagram

    My iphone is like an extension of my arm – it’s by my side at nearly all times of day (and night). I love it for texting and checking the weather and asking siri important questions like ‘how many days until …?’ (asked by a certain second born who is slightly excited about his upcoming birthday) and watching cute youtube videos like this one and this.

    Most of all, I love it for the camera.

    Admittedly, an iphone does not take the same quality of photos as a real camera, but the fact that it is always with me, easy to use and quick to capture everyday moments works out just fine for me. It is fun to practice photography with my phone – looking for interesting angles or composition or finding the right light – and sharing those photos on instagram is a favorite, too.

    I almost always do some editing before posting to instagram (I like a slightly dreamy, washed out look) and thought I’d show you what that looks like.


    We’ll use this photo taken yesterday of a piece of my mom’s blackberry pie (yum).

    Here it is straight from the camera:Continue Reading…how I edit iphone photos for instagram

    diy painted silhouette

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      ombre painted wave wall

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