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4 steps to the perfect {make at home} latte

For our anniversary, Ryan gave me the milk frother I had been wanting. Romantic? Maybe not. But I was thrilled. Each afternoon, I long for a sweet coffee treat and our new set up has not only indulged that craving but has also saved us lots of trips and money spent at our local starbucks. […]

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banish the belly

Five weeks from today marks the unofficial beginning of summer. I have got some work to do. Growing and birthing children does a piece of work on your body {can I get an AMEN from you mamas with saggy-skinned tummies?!!}. I’m resigned to the fact that my stomach will never be perfectly flat – at […]

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behind the scenes of a photoshoot

If you’ve been following along on instagram, perhaps you’ve noticed we’ve been doing lots and lots of cleaning, purging, painting and polishing all in preparation for our kitchen’s big day: a photo shoot for Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen & Bath Makeover magazine. We’ve pinched ourselves a few times … our diy kitchen in a […]

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I like: menswear inspired pajamas {and sleeping, too}

Did you make it through the time change? Springing-forward is brutal since it means we miss out on a blessed hour of sleep. And, believe me, I do love to sleep.  Especially after a whirlwind weekend traveling across the country, staying up late laughing with some of my best friends, shopping, running, biking, eating, paddle […]

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celebrating sunshine with a sale

Now to be fair, it’s actually supposed to be a nice {which means not raining} weekend in the Seattle area this weekend. But still, I’ll gladly take a bump in temperature, bright blue skies, the white sugar-sand beaches of Florida- even if just for a few days. I’ll be away from my computer, but instagramming […]

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book week: what I’m reading & link party

This has been a fun week. Thanks to all of you for sharing your favorites in each category. We have a pretty great resource of books to refer back to! Today is the big link party day where we get to tell each other what we’re reading. Me? I’m reading The House at Riverton by […]

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book week: favorite faith-based reads

Today’s book week topic is books about faith. I have to be honest with you: I’m not crazy about Christian books {they can get a bit cheesy}. I’m not crazy about self-help books, either. At this point in my life, if I’m going to read, I want a well-written novel that sweeps me away to […]

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book week: favorite books for girls

Here we are – half way through book week. Have you enjoyed all of the great book suggestions? I have a handful to check out that were recommended in the comments. If you have any other favorites, please be sure to leave a comment and let us know! So let’s talk about favorite books for […]

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book week: favorite books for boys

This happens in our house: The boys spending their evening reading. Let’s be honest, part of the reason they enjoy it is that it prolongs bedtime. But I hope that they will continue to love reading and we do our best as their parents to find books that hold their interest. Here are a few […]

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book week: favorite books for baby

This week is devoted to books. Each day I’ll share my favorites in different categories and I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments. On friday, we’ll do a link party. I’m really excited about this one. It will be a great way to hear about new books our internet-friends are crazy about.  […]

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edie’s house {i spy a jdc print too!}

Have you seen Edie’s amazing home in the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens? I just adore everything about Miss Edie – from her southern charm to her spiritual thirst and book-loving wisdom. Plus, she has a pretty incredible story. When I found out that the talented Darlene was helping Edie redesign her new […]

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on the hunt for snowberries

Each day when I take our No. 3 to school, I drive this pretty country road. {you can’t tell here, but Mt.Rainier stands right about in the middle of the photo. It’s a pretty amazing view}. On the other side of the road, I’ve been noticing these little white specks that I hoped were white […]

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steppin’ up

When you live in a house with little ones, sometimes practical things {like step stools in the bathroom} are essential. I was growing tired of seeing our perfectly-functional-but-equally-ugly plastic stool in the guest bath and so I was excited to find this wood version at IKEA. It actually is quite attractive in its bare form, […]

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While away this past weekend, I was introduced to a new company and instantly fell in love. Helping women live with purpose and dignity simply by purchasing a beautifully crafted scarf? Yes, please. I just adore companies like fashionABLE and Noonday that help us help others. I bought myself a scarf and will wear it […]

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