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things i like

steppin’ up

    When you live in a house with little ones, sometimes practical things {like step stools in the bathroom} are essential. I was growing tired of seeing our perfectly-functional-but-equally-ugly plastic stool in the guest bath and so I was excited to find this wood version at… Continue Reading…steppin’ up


      While away this past weekend, I was introduced to a new company and instantly fell in love. Helping women live with purpose and dignity simply by purchasing a beautifully crafted scarf? Yes, please. I just adore companies like fashionABLE and Noonday that help us help… Continue Reading…fashionABLE

      to London we go

        I can hardly contain my excitement for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. {via} First of all, the events are exciting and captivating and so much fun to watch. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never heard of the sport – if its an olympic… Continue Reading…to London we go

        things I like: ferns

          I have a slight love affair with ferns.  Their bright, fresh color, delicate texture, slightly wild arms going every which way … they add just the right feel to my otherwise neutral rooms. {in my office} {on the front porch} {in the kitchen} {in my… Continue Reading…things I like: ferns

          5 books worth reading

            Summer reading is in full swing, but sometimes its hard to find a good one. Here are five of my most recent reads, all of them a different genre and all excellent in their own way. 1. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Perhaps the most captivating… Continue Reading…5 books worth reading

            snippets of life with instagram

              Instagram has me hooked. I like it even more than facebook.

              You choose who you’d like to follow, then get to see their lives through images. It’s a polite version of voyeurism. I’m a reality tv girl, so it is completely up my alley.

              My favorites are photos with witty captions. Jami Nato is the absolute best at that. You should follow her.

              I was talking to my friend about it this weekend and she thought instagram was just a fancy camera app. Not True! Well, it is, but there’s more. You take a photo, use a cool filter to make it look all artistic and post it to your feed. Add a caption if you’d like {please do – that makes it more fun}. Then those following you can view your photo and leave a comment.

              We probably have enough status updates with facebook and twitter, but if you are a visual type, instagram might capture you like it has me.

              Geesh. Can you tell I’m infatuated?

              Since we’re talking about instagram, I thought I’d share some snapshots from the past two weeks taken with my phone {with captions underneath, of course}.

              Have a peek into my life:

              First little ballet shoes. Be still my heart.

              The most adorable quilt made by my sister’s mother-in-law for her new baby boy due in just a few weeks. Isn’t it beautiful?

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              faking it

                Most women have that one item of makeup that they feel naked without.

                For some it is lipstick.

                Others, it’s powder.

                For me, I’m a mascara girl. No doubt about it.

                The other day I came home from having my eyelashes tinted darker {it didn’t work} with no trace of mascara on and after a few minutes of chatting with the boys, No. 1 said, “what’s wrong with your face? It looks like your eyes shrunk!”.  Now if that doesn’t confirm my need for mascara, nothing will. Good grief, child. Someone needs to teach that boy what not to say to a makeup-less mommy!

                To his credit, my eyes look rather lost without my non-existent eyelashes. Actually, they are there – long and thick – but they are so light they seem to disappear.

                Enter lash extensions…

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